Sunday, February 17, 2008

Six degrees of Blogaration.

Last night to keep my mind away from things like, you know, abject poverty and the fact that I'm the sole financial support of my family now, I decided to play a game.

I didn't make it up or anything. It's basically Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except it's for the blog world and it's not about Kevin Bacon, it's about me and this blog. I've never even met Kevin Bacon.

So here's how I played.

I typed a random phrase into Google and searched under blogs. Then I would go to a blog that came up and look at their links and look at their links and so on until I found my own blog.

Fun, eh?

Well, maybe not. But it kept me entertained on a Saturday night because my life is boring and tragic as hell.

The first phrase I searched for was:

"God thinks I'm cool"

Because, you know, despite the craphole that has been my life for the past little while, I still believe God thinks I'm cool. God knows what time it is.

That phrase brought me to Mad Marriage and a post called "While I am away". I had never seen this blog before and the author? Is one heck of a writer. That was the first degree.

From her Blogroll, I clicked on Finslippy. I think I have been to this blog before, some time ago. I have a feeling I should be reading it more often because it seems hilarious. And? The second degree.

I clicked on her links (which she calls "Excellent Alternatives to here". Love.) and onto Breed 'em and weep, which I have seen linked about a billion times and maybe have even clicked on before, but I don't know. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, I certainly can't be expected to remember what I did last month or last year! But anyway. This blog was the third degree.

This blog's links ("Reading is good for you") contained a link to Pardon the Egg Salad. The author, the Divine Badger Girl, not only links to me but happens to be one of my favorite people alive, ever.

And she was the fourth degree.

Pretty cool, yes?

So that was working for me, and pretty fun so I tried again:

"I am so bummed about my job"

(Incidentally? The more I think about it? The phrases weren't exactly random. They were more like, um, what was in my head at that moment)

That phrase brought me to the First degree, Crazy Blogging Canuck and her post called, "Slamming doors, opening windows". Apparently? Her husband was laid off on the 12th. Small world sister!

I clicked on her ginormous blogroll and found the second degree in Midwestern Mommy. Her header cracks me up.

Under the title "Blogs I read", I found the third degree, The Hotfessional who I recently found and commented on. This blog cracks my stuff up.

She was linked to the fourth degree, my beloved Lizarita. Liz is one of those bloggers that I continually wish would post more, because I check her blog every single freaking day. Really, even when I'm busy I always take a minute to check hers because she. is. so. funny. Love her.

She links to me. Which is good, because otherwise? I'd pretty much be a stalker.

After that? I became obsessed.

I googled, “Are you kidding me with this?”

My blog? Came up. Ha.

But in the spirit of the game, I picked a different one, a blog called, Pink Morning, and a post titled, not surprisingly, "Are you kidding me?". The blog author, Julie, is pregnant. She is also gorgeous, so I'm supposed to hate her I guess, but I don't. Not even.

From her blog, I went to Pink and Blues Girls. Then to 3 Boys and a Lady. (Hi Louann!) She has the cutest boys. Probably because she's freaking gorgeous. I'm not sure.

And she links to me!

I googled, “I have boy/girl twins” and My Life as Mama Jodi and her post "Freaky Friday Questions". I don't think she has boy/girl twins actually...I think it was just a question she was answering. Oh well! Google isn't a mind reader, or it wouldn't bring all the penis blog seekers to me.

From her blog I got to Adventures in Babywearing (I love the name of that blog!) who linked me to Mason and Terri's mom, who links to me.


Even though I could do this all night and not get bored apparently, my final Google was, “My therapist kicks ass!”

Because my therapist? Big Jim? He kicks ass!

So from Google I got Cootie Chronicles. I am certain I have never been there before, because that name? Hilarious. She linked me to Rancid Raves, who linked to the most excellent Mrs. Cpa of inappropriate party indicator fame.

And she links to me! Kick ass!

What's so fun about this game is that you find a lot of new blogs to read. I know, I know, like I need any more blogs to read! Gah! But still. It's fun. You can "find" yourself and see who has you linked that maybe you didn't even know about. And Holy Linkage Batman! I don't think I've ever linked so many other blogs in a single post.

Try it, if you wanna. Let me know what you find out.


frannie said...

sounds fun-- but I can't even keep up with the blogs I read now... I couldn't handle the guilt of adding more to the list! :)

Tricia said...

So does this make you famous like Kevin Bacon? Cause if so, I feel cool even commenting on your blog. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

haha how funny. I too feel special being able to comment on a celeb's website. Cause I promise you, besides you I? am not linked by anyone. But I am not funny. I check your blog like 100000 times a day :) And i love blog 365 because it guarantees you will blog every day woo hoo for me :)

hey maybe i will do the 6 degrees of you instead, that will be fun. So i will go to blogs and see when they end up at yours


Lisa said...

What a cool game! How fun. Can I steal your idea for a future post?

p.s. Sorry I haven't been better about checking in to see how you and your family are doing. My blog reading has been spotty (at best) these last few months...

Lizarita said...

This is SO how *I* would spend a Friday night! Looks like I've got PLANS next weekend! lol

And just so you know-you rock. xo

Angie said...

Lizarita's right. You do rock. HARD.

I'm kinda scared to link myself. . . isn't that illegal?

I am probably more afraid because I'd feel dejected by not being on very many rolls.

Speaking of rolls.....I'm hungry!

Love ya!!!


Unknown said...

Wow, that sounds like fun, but I'm not sure I'd get to mine as quickly.

Anonymous said...

Did that show you how popular you are on the internet? I don't think I'd get to mine in 10 links.

Dreamer said...

That's really a cool sounding game. I might try that tonight, while I'm supposed to be doing homework, or something. LOL. :)

katydidnot said...

best. game. evah.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Ohhhhhh, good game! I love finding new and fabulous blogs. I found Finslippy recently too and LOVE it. She kills me every time, much like you :)

As for the recent crapiness- My husband lost his job about 5 months ago, and ever since, I've been the sole bread winner in the house. It's stressful, and it's hard, and I've had more than one anxiety attacks over it. But, if I can do it and survive, so can you. You're tougher and funnier than me by far. lol. I'll keep sending you good vibes....

SJINCO said...

What a great idea! I might just try it...

Jenski said...

This totally sounds like fun...This is definitely a way to entertain myself on a Sunday night! I'm afraid of finding more blogs that I "must" read though.

my4kids said...

I can't keep up with the blogs on my blogroll half the time as it is but I've done this before. It's weird to find yourself on a blogroll that you didn't know you were on and you didn't know about sometimes...

Allie said...

It sounds like fun and how I find new blogs to read only I don't end up finding my blog because I'm still new to this I guess (dec '07). I love finding good blogs to read though so now I'll have to check all those blogs out that you mentioned.

Domestic CEO said...

Love that idea! Even though I'm dying over here (I currently have the worst cold IN THE WORLD) I might have to try that before turning in for the night.

Jocelyn said...

Okay, before I even do this, I have to visit some of these you endorse. I've been trying to find funny female writers (besides y'all and stuff).

CPA Mom said...

In Good Housekeeping (I think it is!) the last page each month is an excerpt from a blog. One month they had Ree from Pioneer Woman. This month was Finslippy!! The first time I heard of her...need to go check her out now that you like her...

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Hilarious!!! Great idea! I will have to try this one, you know, when I am finished depressing everyone with the story I am writing now.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

What a neat idea! Small world in the Bloggisphere. Crazy Bloggin' Canuck was one of my first reads/readers when I started blogging. Love that crazy chick!

Anonymous said...

I am so trying this next time I'm stuck! what a cool game

Stephanie said...

That's awesome. I'm so trying that tonight.

BandK said...

So it's funny you should blog about this. My SIL, who just started a blog recently about cooking, has a comment on her blog from Shar, whom I've also seen commenting on your blog, here. I haven't asked her if Shar and my SIL are friends or not, or how my SIL found shar's blog, but how weird is it that she comments on two blogs I read? Did my SIL find shar because I link to you on my blogroll, or some other way? I'll have to ask her.

It's so amazing how we are all connected. The 'net really makes the six degrees of separation that much smaller.

Cool, eh?

bichonpawz said...

Very cool game! Bloghoppin' is fun, but very, very addicting! And time consuming. I swear, if I could just give up on sleep.....You ROCK!!

cce said...

Thanks for stopping by a few days back...I'm just back from vaca, a little tanner, no furry black tongue but one hell of a sunburn. Love to see you back there again!