Friday, May 02, 2008

Mother Talk book review: Choosing You

I heard about this book and thought it sounded interesting. Then I got the book in the mail and it probably wasn't the best day for me to get a this particular book in the mail.

Cause, see the book here? Good Lord. That's the cutest baby ever. And I was having a bad day and feeling exceptionally infertile and so forth.

So I flipped the book over and on the back it said:

She googles for sperm.

You can't top that. For real. I had to read it.

The book is about Alexandra Soiseth. All she ever wanted was a husband and children. She found herself at age 39 with no husband and no children. She was proactive. Found a donor and had a baby.

Happily ever after right?

Except no so much. Not everyone understood, including her own parents and some of her friends. People think she's nuts. People think she's selfish.

I? Thought she was gutsy. I thought she was brave. I thought she was amazing.

Soiseth's writing was, at times, almost painful to read. Her journey was not only a story of becoming a mom, it was one of finding herself. I found myself crying silently when she spoke of the struggles with her weight and weeping openly when I came to the chapter, "The Long Hollow nights". As a former single mom (not by choice), I remember those long, hollow nights so well. As someone who didn't get the support she needed from her family, reading Soiseth's story evoked so many powerful and painful feelings inside of me.

Yet, when I was finished? I was longing for more. The last line of the book reads, "Because of her, I understand what it means to live and to love and to be afraid but love anyway."

And, does that not sum up exactly how I feel about my children? How most mothers feel about their children? And how eloquent and beautifully she writes it. So beautifully.

I really enjoyed this book. Sometimes, when a book is hard to read? It turns out to be the best thing for you. I think that was the case with Choosing You.

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Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Brilliant review. Makes me want to not only read the book but buy it. Beautifully expressed.

julie said...

I think the best books are the ones that invite the reader to challenge his/her own emotions and find something new.

Nice job with the review!

Robyn said...

Very nice review..I'll look for it around here. It sounds like a wonderful book.

Kelly said...

Wow...From what you've writtin about the book..geez now I want to read it!! God only knows at 39 that will be me!! haha Hmm am going to be putting on my reading list of books to buy. thanks!

Unknown said...

Sounds like my kind of book! I'll have to go and find it!

Jenski said...

Sounds like a wonderful book!