Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I also still do this.

Due to my bout of depression I hadn't written anything funny in a while. But fortunately, my workplace still provides a plethora of opportunities to make fun of people.

So. Enjoy that.


Unknown said...

Oh my Lord . . . it's a Dilbert moment!! There's a Dilbert cartoon in there somewhere. I can just see your boss sitting there, all self-satisfied because he told you to get trained so you could write the training on how to train for the training of . . . oh dear I'm SO confused. It's a wonder he can get himself dressed in the mornings, isn't it?!?

Thanks for the laugh this morning!! :-)


Aren't you some sort of engineer? I think this is the way engineers are. I have a joke thing someone sent me once because my dad was a civil engineer for our hometown for my whole life. He is one that if you ask him what kind of oil to put in your car, he will explain the entire workings of the engine.

ps you are so lucky to have Jason. My husband is horrible.


True Wife Confessions horrible. And not very smart.

Alpha Dude said...

I love that story.

So now, all you need to do, is create your own "Certificate of Completion" for that training, since you did, in fact, complete the training by writing it. Sign your own certificate, frame it and hang it on your wall.

It will then become official and no one, not even your pointy haired boss, can argue with that.


Daphne said...

thank you for the sweet comment =)