Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All the answers. Or some crap.

Scrivel has a new look these days.

And I decided to get in the advice business. Because clearly, I have it all together. Clearly.

So check it out. And if you have a question you want "Ask Chick" to answer, email it to me already!

I'll be nice. Promise.

Okay, I maybe won't. But email me anyway.

1 comment:

Mikey said...

Chicklet, that may be the best idea you've ever had. You make a great Dear Abby, and I'll be sending questions. LOVED that last one, OMG. You're right, dude is married. I about laughed when she said "I can see myself having a long term relationship with this guy"
FOR REAL??? I'd like to know what her IQ is.
Keep it up girl, I love it. I think you should do a whole website just giving advice. Cause you... are. the. bomb.