Monday, October 06, 2008

General Observances.

-Yesterday I got to meet this lovely blogger live and in person.

-She hugged me and it made me happy.

-I got to say to her husband, "I'm That Chick Over There".

-I had never said that to anyone before.

-It almost felt like saying, "Don't you KNOW who I am?"

-That's funny for reasons I can't even explain.

-On Saturday we took the kids to the Oak Ridge Playhouse to see The Velveteen Rabbit.

-They didn't burn the bunny. So that was a plus.

-Today I called someone at work an unmitigated puke.

-There were no consequences.

-I liked it so much that I called someone else a rancid douche.

-Again, no consequences.

-I laughed for eleven minutes when my boss said "balls".

-Really? I'm a fourteen year old boy.

-I thought I had a good idea for my book, but the publisher said no. It wouldn't sell.

-He's actually right.

-Tomorrow is my weigh-in.

-I'm hoping to be, magically, 100 pounds lighter.

-Chances are not good.


BandK said...

LOL I liked your work comments, especially.

I was in a meeting with my boss, the president of our board of directors, and one of the other managers, and my boss started talking about this meeting he had with Harry Johnson.

You have NO IDEA how much self-control it took not to fall out of my chair laughing my ass off. He kept on talking about ol' Harry Johnson, and I think I hurt something by keeping the hysteria inside.

Good times. LOL

J said...

My daughter says things all the time that make me giggle, mainly because she has no idea that they would sound dirty.

I would have died laughing if I worked with you!

Frannie said...

sounds like a good day! :)

Angie said...

Yeah. . .try working at a CHURCH and have people say things like -- "Who's got the balls?" in reference to the recreation ministry!!

Then, see who becomes a 14-year old boy.

Yep. Me.

Angie said...

And, for what it's worth -- Mark totally loved hearing you say, "I'm That Chick Over There."

And, he loved referring to Boy Child and Girl Child as "Boy thing and Girl Thing" too.

What an awesome day!!

Jeannette said...

Hi, I just popped on over here from Angie's blog to check out "That Chick" :-) Giggled at your post and wanted you to know that I make jokes at funerals...yep, we're all just 14 yr old boys...wanted you to know you're not alone. :-) Enjoyed your blog.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I think I said "balls" this morning. Could have been in reference to random tennis balls in the playroom. And the word "fuck" may have preceded "balls."

Never mind.

SJINCO said...

Oh you are so fun Chick! I'd love to meet you in person...

Good luck on your weigh in!

Wenderina said...

I'm sure you are getting good advice from your publisher, but don't throw out any of your ideas. Once you get your first commercial success out of the way, and those non-blogger readers learn what the rest of us know, then publishers will realize you can write a list of purse contents, and we will all be agog. Yes, I said agog.