Monday, December 22, 2008

Chasing pavements.

I'm spending a lot of time lately worrying about things that either aren't going to happen or are so unlikely to happen that there is no use worrying about them.

I do this. It's sort of my thing.

But really, I've been busy. I made a pretty backsplash for my kitchen and got that up on Saturday proving to myself, maybe for one of the first times and maybe again, that I actually CAN do some stuff. I went to see The Miracle on Saturday night and yes, I cried. My house is clean, my kitchen is stocked, and I am ready.

Ready for what, I don't know. But I'm ready.

On the drive home Friday night the children and I were talking about the gym that we had just left and how important it is to exercise. I said something about how I still had a long way to go, but I was going to get there.

The girl child smiled her dimpled smile and said, "That's what I love about you mom. You never give up!"

And how could I? If you had that in your life would you give up on anything ever?


Angie said...

So true, GC, so true! And, yet so many people give up.

I'm sure I'll leave you more messages before Thursday -- but I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas. You have certainly blessed our family!!

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Indeed. There have been many times when it just would have been easier to give up, but those kids, well, sometimes they just make it all worth it- worth getting out of bed, worth facing another day, worth not giving up.

Merry Christmas.

Jenski said...

You are a wonderful example for your children and they know it. Must feel great to have your house in order and ready for something!

Keetha said...

Here, here! What about that back splash? Sounds very impressive.

Teena in Toronto said...

Smart kid :)

Supes said...

For the record, I cried during that really scary Kevin Bacon movie. You know the one: Footloose

SJINCO said...

You are setting a great example for you kiddos, and they know that! You are awesome girl in my book!