Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting all cultured and whatnot!

I'm going to the Symphony! Rock on!

Is it really bad that I am most hoping I get to meet Frank Murphy? He reminds me so much of my own husband it's sometimes frightening. Not that they look anything alike...they don't. They just both tend to be a bit eccentric. In a way that makes me happy, apparently.

If you don't live in Knoxville (and yes, I know most of my readers don't live in Knoxville. Humor me) you can listen to my favorite radio station and the home of Frank online, whenever you'd like.

If you do live in Knoxville, you can go to the Symphony and maybe see Frank too! And me! And Angie! And her very nice husband Mark.

It should be a rocking time. Or a classical time. Or whatever.

I promise I'll act right.


Angie said...

We are so excited!!!

Mark made a comment the other day, after he got his tickets. It was something like, "Yeah, the other Knoxville Bloggers that they mentioned? You and Stephanie. . you know. . 'That Chick'. . .you guys put them to shame."

. . or something like that! :)

I'm proud of you!!!

Mark Aubrey said...

Please tell me that Jason will be with you. I don't want to be the only spouse there feeling like, Oh yeah, you're with her. The good blogger.

Frank Murphy said...

The KSO puts on a good show. After the concert there will be a small reception for the bloggers to meet the conductor and some musicians. And we can all talk about bloggy stuff with each other too. See you there!

Dawn~a~Bon said...

OMFG Frank commented on your blog. I love you Frank! You're my favorite!!!!!!!!!!

Hey and how cool is the name of the chick that you have to email? If the three of us went somewhere together it would be TOTALLY confusing!

That Chick Over There said...

Angie: Aww! You guys rock!

MDA: Yes, he's going! He doesn't even blog but he likes a good horns section. :)

Frank: You rock.

Dawn: I know, right? And, I know, right? I thought the same thing as I sent the email.

CPA Mom said...

holy shit. Frank commented on your blog. seriously, that is some kind of awesome!