Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh the things you say.

Conversation with my nephew, age 8:

N: I have a problem.
Me: Oh?
N: Yes. I have three girlfriends.
Me: Oh my. That does sound like a problem.
N: They try to beat each other up all the time.
Me: That sounds like a very bad problem.
N: I also had my first kiss on the last day of school, but I broke up with her already.
Me: Did you? Why?
N, rolling his eyes: Because she cheated on me!

Of course.

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Anonymous said...

My almost 7 year old son's biggest complaint about first grade? The little girls all think he's cute and won't leave him alone, so he spends all recess running from them instead of being able to play with his buddies. I just laugh and say "Sweetie, in 10 years you are going to think you are the shit if all the girls are chasing you!"