Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another good deed.

On Tuesday night after work, I dragged the children to the grocery store so we could pretend like we're normal people who have things like milk in our home.

It was actually a good trip...the store wasn't very crowded like it usually is on Monday nights or Sunday afternoons. The aisles were pretty much clear and the few people that were there were hurrying along their way, much like we were.

In the frozen foods aisle I was accosted by an elderly lady who was looking for beef stew.

I tried to direct her to the canned foods aisle and she insisted that it was something frozen. I asked if it was for the crockpot and she said yes, she had eaten it before and everyone in her entire family loved it and please, oh please, could I just help her find it?

I knew what she was talking about. I went to where it used to be located and it wasn't there anymore. Around the other side, though, there it was.

And she was happy.

As her family came up to her, she pointed to me and said, "That girl with the beautiful hair helped me find it!"

Boy Child? Was impressed.

"Mom," he said. "That was nice. You're a nice person".

"You should always try to help people when you can Boy Child," I replied.

"You're like...a role model though," he said, thoughtfully. "You are my role model!"

He was very pleased with himself, and I? Was pleased that he thought of me that way.

Then. He said,
"But not daddy."

And I lost all my street cred as a role model when I burst out laughing.


Angie said...

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Can't be awesome ALL the time.

Alpha Dude said...

Humor, laughter and Joy are all gifts from God.

You ARE a good person, and I sincerely believe that even Jesus would have burst out laughing at that one!

You Rock, Steph!!


M said...

love the boy child as much as the girl? check. love you for sharing so much about them so i love them equal and way more than i should? checkity check check check.