Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday sucks: Gratitude edition!

Over the last couple of days I've focused on a lot of really hard, bad crap. Thus, I thought it would do me some good to think about some things that I'm glad about.

This is my money jar for the Easter offering at church.

As you can see, there is not a lot of money in it yet. But it's not Easter yet either and I'd be willing to bet that Jesus thinks I'm cool just for trying.

I'm very happy that the visit with my in-laws this weekend went well. I am even happier when my husband's grandma started crying and she asked me to "take care of her baby" that my father-in-law said, immediately, "She's already been taking care of him".

Because I have. And it's nice that someone noticed.

I puffy pink heart my pedicure.

I'm shallow like that, but I don't even care.

I'm thankful for this ridiculous dog even though her farts chase everyone, even her, out of the room.

I'm so glad that last time I looked my book was ranked under 40,000 on Amazon. I know it goes up and down, but considering there are over 6 million books for sale on Amazon, I'll take it. It means someone, somewhere is buying my book. And I am thankful for that.

Most of all?

For this boy and this girl. For how far they've come. For how far they will go.

I am thankful I get to be a part of them.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

This post made me feel all warm and squishy inside.

In a good way, you know?

Anonymous said...

You're right. Jesus DOES think you're cool for trying.

Just having a book would make me sing out loud for people to hear me. I think it's awesome you got that bitch published.

Baylee's farts use to chase us all out of the room. He'd be left sitting there all "uh...guys? What's the matter?"

Your kids are cute and funny and I want to squish them and then take them to Target.


Lynnbug said...

You children are beautiful! I didnt know anybody did the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering but my church. Then I found out everyone did. Thank goodness because poor Annie would be really poor if she only relised on us.

Anonymous said...

Your kids seem like they are such good friends- are they?

CPA Mom said...

Who is Annie Armstrong?

Your kids and dog (and pedicure) are adorable!

I'm grateful for...YOU!

Stephanie said...

Your kiddos are beautiful!

Jenski said...

You're cool for lots of reasons! You also have nice spring/summer ready toes.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Nice toes, hon!

Kids, too. Nice kids. :)

PaintedPromise said...

aarrgghh i have GOT to get myself to Amazon and buy that book!!!!! it is seriously on my list of things to do but every time i do one thing, ten more things get on the list! how the heck does that happen?????