Friday, April 03, 2009

You might get stabbed.

Since I've known Jason for like...ever, I try really hard to keep things interesting in our marriage. I get really freaked out when I tell him a story and he gives me this face and says, "Um, you've already told me that" because what's going to happen when we're sixty or whatever? He knows all my stories already, so pretty much we're screwed.

In the spirit of that fear, I often write him little notes.

The other day? I wrote him a note which might maybe have possibly been a bit racy.

Okay, it was ridiculous.

And no, I'm not telling what it said. Don't even ask.

ANYWAY, I left it in his wallet and giggled to myself all day, thinking about what his reaction must have been.

I came home from work, children beside me, and went on about my usual after-work routine. As I was booting up the computer to write my self-mandated daily 1000 words on my next book, I heard Girl Child reading.

She was reading the note I left for Jason.


He got a call.

Oh yes.

And maybe? I might have possibly threatened to never do anything mentioned in the note. EVER AGAIN.


Zephyr said...

Ha. Men are idiots. The only way they learn is with adequate motivation. Which your note and threat may or may not have provided. I can't say, since you didn't provide the transcripts of it.

Yes I'm nosy. So sue me. LOL

Jocelyn said...

See how you already have a whole new story to tell?

It's all about dumb times repackaged for telling repeatedly in the future. Maybe Girl Child can chime in with the nasty parts on this one.

Denise said...

And that is why I am a lesbian hahaha.

Darci said...

Did he learn his lesson and are you going to write notes like that again?

Lynnbug said...

LMAO! Now that is funny!

Emma in Canada said...

Oh I so wanna ask! My imagination runs wild.

What did Girl Child say? Is she lookin gat you in a whole new light?

Bexterrific said...

Oh man! I love it!!! That's why you can't give up your blog!!! :)

Unknown said...

ACK!!! too funny though. AN yes, what was GC's reaction?

Angie said...

Oh my goodness.

Did she, um, understand it? :)

Birth Sister Doula Services said...

Could be worse. His mother could have read it.

Mom said...

I bought your book and finally got it back from my daughter so I could read it. (OK, I actually bought it for her.) As I am 64 and long out of the dating scene, I wasn't sure I would enjoy it as much as she did. But I did. I will buy anything you care to write. You are a terrific writer.

SJINCO said...

Oh my word. TOO FUNNY.

KrustyLynn said...


Anonymous said...
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