Monday, July 27, 2009

Honesty! Now with bullets!

-I really was going to come to your activity, pushy and annoying person. The reason I didn't come to your activity was not because you were pushy and annoying. It was because Aunt Flo was in town and I didn't want the activity to become the Red River Valley.

-I'm so geeked about the mere potential of meeting Buzz Aldrin that I can barely stand myself. GEEKED.

-I told Jason that if I get to meet Buzz (and I totally plan on doing everything I can to meet him) that I'm going to ask to have our picture made and then totally kiss him when the picture is snapped.

-Jason made a really ugly face at me so I amended it to a kiss on the cheek.

-I have a massive friend crush on someone I work with. It's really ridiculous. I just want this person to be my friend SO. BAD.

-I am so tired of sharing the following things with my husband:
1) The washer and dryer
2) The television remote
3) The bed, while sleeping

-I cannot stop with the side ponytails.

-I'm pretty much in love with Joel McHale. I'm not even ashamed.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

My favourite on that list HAS to be the friend crush. I get those far, far too often. Once upon a time I admitted my crush to someone and we've been buds ever since. Love it. And love the honesty.

Anonymous said...

God you are so fucking sexy.

Nicole said...

A friend crush! I love it. That sounds so much less creepy and stalkerish than I feel when I'm talking to someone who barely knows me and secretly wishing we could paint each other's toenails and snuggle on the couch in our pajamas to watch some United States of Tara.

And BTW -- I totally have a friend crush on you. Is that unprofessional of me?

Unknown said...

Maybe if you quit with the side ponytails, your crush will become your friend. :)

Bethany said...

I absolutely love and adore and love Joel McHale!!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Kiss Buzz Aldrin? KISS?!? Honey, hump that man. Seriously.