Friday, July 03, 2009


For most of my life, I've been pretty worthless.

I had kids about eleven years ago, and that gave me something to do, as well as, you know, hope to go on or whatever. Before I had kids? I was a little bit lazy. Lazy isn't in my vocabulary anymore. I'm always doing something, working something, running somewhere. I'm busy and I like it. I really, really like it.

I fret that I'm at such a different place in my life than so many of my friends right now. I hate it...I feel like such a freak. I can't become who they are and eventually they'll be where I am. But eventually is a long way away and seems like a wide, wide gulf sometimes.

But lately? People are asking my advice.

I'm giving advice. And the advice TOTALLY DOESN'T SUCK.

I know! I'm surprised as well!

It's good though. It's really good. I really like having something to offer other than copious use of the word douchebag.

It makes me think that maybe I'll do something else worthwhile. I don't know what, but something.


Toritopia said...

I kind of know what you mean. I was the first of my friends to have kids. Only 2 others have recently had kids. So for 3 years, I have been the mom in the group. It's a strange feeling. My life is so different from theirs now. My priorities are different, how I conduct my social life is different. Most of the time I feel the strain on my friendships and feel sad. But my kids are my life and I wouldn't change that for anything.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Once, one of my closest friends threw a little temper tantrum and refused to ever talk to me ever again because I had it so together compared to her. It hurt. A lot. But looking at our lives, it made a lot of sense too. I've learned a lot of the things she's struggling to learn right now, and the fact I'm younger than her really rankles.

Bridging that gulf is no easy thing, but kindness an a certain sort of wisdom go a long way towards it, I think.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised.


Anonymous said...

A nice, happy, positive post.

I like it.

Bexterrific said...

As the recipient of some of your requested advice, I can assure everyone that you, my dear, are just as kick ass at advice giving as you are writing. And that's saying a whole bunch. xoxo

CPA Mom said...

As another recipient of your excellent advice, THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

See some of us grow up faster than others. I haven't had kids, but pretty much raised my bro and sis from a young age (which also explains the whole no hurry to have kids lol)

Keep up the great work :)