Sunday, September 06, 2009

Stephanie Law #1*

If you are walking? And you're about to die? And you've stuck your phone in your bra because, really, where the heck else are you supposed to stick your phone? Your phone will ring.

When you get around a large group of people.

From out of town.

Who are Quakers.

And don't appreciate the subtle nuances of your "Theme from Sanford and Son" Ringtone.

Or the fact that you reached your hand up your shirt to answer your ringing bra while saying, "How're y'all?" and trying desperately not to show them your ringing bra.


*Similar to Murphy's Law. But much more damaging and emotionally traumatic.


M said...

Yet further proof we were separated at birth (and a decade) I just did this very similar activity on the trail yesterday except I pulled my shirt DOWNWARD and showed all my beige bra boobage to a whole pathload of happy little families. Oh heavens.

And a load of fishermen. They appreciated it just a little too much.

That Chick Over There said...

A decade! Oh LAWD!

Meredith H said...

i stick my phone in my bra all the time. i never hear it ring, and this way, i can at least feel it vibrate...and people get to see me give a little gasp when it rings before i reach into my shirt to fetch the cause of my excitement.

elle said...

I have never thought to put my phone in my bra. I'm positively sure there is more than enough room for my futuristic, slimline phone. Thanks for the handy, hilarious tip!

Jamie said...

Been there done that, without the Quakers.

However, my blackberry is too big to fit into my bra. So I am left carrying it and it bugs me.

Do you remember the days when we didn't carry around phones?

Happy DAY OFF!


Anonymous said...

LOL sounds about right LOL