Saturday, November 29, 2008

Snowball truffles!

Okay, so I know that nobody is reading right now. That's cool. You all have lives which are more interesting than mine and you probably have places to be and turkey to cook and all that good stuff. That's cool.

I've been baking.

Since I've also religiously followed Weight Watchers and TOTALLY DIDN'T EVEN BLOW IT on Thanksgiving Day (go me!), I am also packaging all this stuff up to send to places near and far and give to people who can stand to gain some weight. Because I sure can't.

Anyway. I made the easiest truffles EVAH. And here's how I did it.

Snowball Truffles
1 8oz package of cream cheese
1 Package of Bakers semi-sweet chocolate
1 cup Milk Chocolate chips
Powered sugar

Melt 8 chocolate squares as directed on package (basically, I melted mine for 30 second intervals in the microwave). Beat cream cheese with mixer until creamy (you might want to let it sit out of the fridge before you start beating it. Trust me on this one). Blend chocolate and cream cheese together. Cover with plastic wrap and refridgerate until firm.

(I left mine in the fridge about three hours)

Shape mixture in 36 balls.

Heh. I said "balls".

Anyway. Place the balls on a waxed paper covered baking sheet and refridgerate for 1 hour.

(Or you can put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes, like I did)

Melt milk chocolate chips. Use a fork to dip the balls (heh) in the milk chocolate. Generously sprinkle powered sugar on a plate and roll covered balls (BWAH!) in powered sugar.

And there you go.

And okay. They aren't beautiful. I'm not The Pioneer Woman. So sue me.

I also made chocolate peanut-butter fudge. When I remember what I put in it, I might post that as well.


AndreAnna said...

Those look very yummy!

I'm not sure if I sent this to you before, but when I was on WW, I came up with a recipe for pumpkin pie that tastes awesome and is only 2 pts a slice. I bring it to all my holiday parties b.c then I can have a treat and not have to "cheat."

It's on my recipe site here.

AndreAnna said...

Oh and my mother and grandmother actually request this pie over the
"real" pumpkin pie because it tastes good enough that no one ever knows! :)

Teena in Toronto said...

If I baked, I'd eat ...

But I'm on my way!

stepmomof2 said...

Hey, they look good to me and would probably be gluten-free too! Did you try just one?

giants fan said...

looks good!!! YOu are nice to send treats to people. I just eat them...

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time baking and not eating. My kids love to bake with me and have been begging to start...I need self control!!!

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

Sounds yummy!

Kimberly said...

Truffles schmuffles...bring on the fudge recipe baby!

Danger said...

Gosh, you really have a way with balls! I wish I was that good, but my hands get all sticky. ;)

Chelle said...

Those look great! I hate making chocolate balls (heee), but love the end result. Maybe I'll give in and make these this year.

Anonymous said...

How in the world can you resist such deliciousness?

Anonymous said...

how do you bake delicious goodies and NOT eat them? you must have willpower of steel.

Anonymous said...

hey those look good! Im not a baker and dont really eat desserts (thank god like I need another reason to gain weight LOL)

Mujercita Raquel said...

I saw this recipe in a cookie-themed cookbook. I am dying to try it! It looks delicious!

SJ said...

You have amazing willpower! And high fives all around for a successful WW style Thanksgiving!

Those treats sound and look delicious. I take it that they aren't Weight Watchers friendly?