Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three pieces of CAN-DY!*


Five o'clock in the morning workouts? ROCK. I'm so not kidding. Or being sarcastic. Really!


Check out this review from The Opinionated Parent!

She’s without a doubt one of the next great humour novelists and if her first book is any indication of what’s to come, I’ll be reading everything she writes.

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I got a very nice email yesterday from LaChance Publishing. I sent them a story about, of all things, Ginger. And they will be publishing it in an upcoming anthology called, "Good Dogs, Doing Good".

They've asked for a photograph of Ginger to include in the book. Clearly, they do not know of her steadfast refusal to look at a camera.

*Long, long story regarding Niece Child C2.


Patience said...

I dunno . . . a five o'clock workout??? That so does not rock!!

Lily's Mommy said...

First of all, congratulations. :)

Second, I love that picture of Ginger. Side views are very noble.

Third, someone needs to come over here and take this mason jar of M&Ms away from me....

CPA Mom said...

Doesn't Nicole rock? I love-love-love her. I'm so glad she loved your book too!

I work out 4:15 - 5. At home though, not the gym. It helps give me energy the rest of the day (until I collapse at 9 pm of course!)

Anonymous said...

Wooo to the Hoooo, congrats on them wanting your story!!! and about the great comment!!!

5am workout go you go you!!!!

Kimberly said...

1) I love you but you're nuts. 2) Yay! 3) Yay again!

Good stuff happenin'. Gotta love it.

Lisa Chelle said...

Congrats! But you should seek medical help immediatley.. 5:00AM workouts? Give me a freaking break.