Saturday, November 25, 2006


Last night while watching Shrek II:

Son: Did you hear what he said? About no more itchy butt?
Me: Yeah.


Son: Yeah. That is bad though.
Me: Eh?
Son: You know? When your butt crack is itchy? That sucks.

This morning while I was making eggs:

Son: Mom? Did you know that dogs love eggs?
Me: No. Where did you hear that?
Son: I think I read it in the Bible.

This morning while son was eating said eggs:

Son: Mom? Do you know that I love you?
Me: Yes. Do you know I love you?
Son: I love you more!
Me: I think I love you more!
Son: No. I love you as much as Ginger likes to scratch her own butt.
Me: That's a lot!

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louann said...

And your son is funny too! :D