Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reasons you wish I was your mom.

1) You get to make your own chocolate milk and put in as much Nestle's Quik as you want.
2) I call Nestle's Quik, "Nestle's Slow".
3) When you ask me to open up said chocolate milk cap and I do it and you say, "How come I can't get it open?" I will reply, "Because you aren't awesome like me."
4) I will lick the side of your face and tell you that you taste like chicken.
5) After you shower I will sniff you in an exaggerated manner and inform you, along with everyone in the room, that you "stink pretty good".
6) I will let you wear pink shoes, if you want. And socks with bows on them. I have to make up for my poverty-stricken childhood after all.
7) I will let you have a flaming dice tattoo, if you want.
8) I will shout out, "DING DING!" randomly, so you will know it's time for pro-wrestling in the living room.
9) I let you play with swords. I even get in on that action from time to time.
10) I'll love you. Forever and twenty-six minutes.


M said...

Well DUH I wish you were my mom. And then some. You already knew this...

SJINCO said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog, how'd you find me?

From what I can tell so far you are hilarious....I'll be reading more - for sure.

The part that got me - #10. I'll love you. Forever and twenty-six minutes. 26 is my lucky number!

SJINCO said...
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