Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fifty bloggers.

I totally stole this idea from Mum to Four, because she ROCKS. I decided to write only about bloggers also, because I read so many interesting blogs and I feel like it’s such a small window into people’s lives. Obviously, there are a lot of bloggers that I read that are not listed on my blogroll. (Note to self: UPDATE YOUR BLOG ROLL. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.)
Anyway, here we go!

1) Out of all of the bloggers that I “know”, I worry the most about you.
2) Although you and I have never met in real life, you are probably the best friend I have in the world.
3) I really want to get to know you better because you seem like someone I would really like.
4) Although my life is pretty sweet, I envy your life a lot.
5) I think you are absolutely beautiful and I love the way you write.
6) When my daughter grows up, I will be honored if she turns out just like you.
7) I am sad that you stopped writing in your blog. I love your wit and use of LL Cool J songs.
8) I wish you would update more. You’re purty and I’d like to know more about you.
9) You make me laugh. So. Freaking. Hard.
10) You and I are a whole lot alike. More alike than I originally thought. Except you are much cuter than me. Also, your kid is freaking adorable.
11) I am so interested in you because I think a lot of our back-story is the same. Sometimes on the weekends I spend a lot of time going through your archives. I really, really like you as a person, although we have never met.
12) I appreciate your ability to laugh in the face of everything that bogs you down. Because sister, you have a lot of crap that bogs you down.
13) Your blog makes me really want to be a better person.
14) I appreciate the genuine affection you have your children as well as your son’s girlfriend. I hope I am the same way with my children when they are your children’s ages.
15) I really don’t understand your life at all. I don’t think it’s a bad life, mind you, or even strange. It’s just so different than mine.
16) Although you get a lot of comments, I don’t really think you are very funny. Maybe your humor goes over my head or something. I’m not sure. But sometimes? Your posts just seem mean.
17) I don’t like the way you talk about your spouse.
18) I really like the way you talk about your spouse and I think she’s a lucky woman.
19) I sometimes wish that I could show you more of the world than what you currently know. However, I am totally in your corner and really believe you can do whatever you dream for your life.
20) I really admire you for helping raise two kids that biologically aren’t yours (it’s one of the things I most admire about my own husband too) and I hope you and your husband can add to your family.
21) I love the way you mother your daughter. I think she is truly blessed to have a mother like you.
22) I just found your blog the other day and it is the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen. Also, your husband and son are adorable.
23) Even though I have been to your blog several times, you never come and comment on mine. While that shouldn’t irritate me (because I’m a huge dork and sometimes forget to comment even though I am reading), it does. Because I’m just that cool.
24) I was sad for you when someone made a rude comment on your blog (uncalled for also, I might add). Also, I wish you would update more.
25) I’ve been reading your blog for almost ten years (back before it was even a blog) and I’m certain you don’t know I exist.
26) I am glad you and your husband are working it out. I like you and I want you to be happy.
27) You take the most beautiful, amazing pictures.
28) Although I read your blog everyday, I am afraid to add you to my blogroll, because I don’t want you to think I’m a dork.
29) I am sad that your blog is only open to invited readers. I used to read it before and since I don’t really know you, I can’t ask you for an invite. So I have to sulk in private.
30) I freaking love you. You are my secret girlfriend.
31) I love the honesty of your blog. Once when you posted about your fears of not being a good mother, I just sat there and nodded my head because I had been through the same thing. Also, I love how you always comment and make people feel good. You rock.
32) You seem like a very positive individual and I really appreciate that about you. You always seem to try to find the good in situations.
33) Although your blog is very funny and your writing is quite good, I can’t bring myself to laugh. Maybe because I know too much about you in real life?
34) I like your blog a lot, but I wish you would reveal a bit more of the real “you” in your posts. I think you are an interesting person.
35) I was almost embarrassingly pleased when you gave me a ROFL award. Because you are freaking hysterical and if you think I’m funny? Well, that’s just gravy on my mashed potatoes baby.
36) I honestly don’t mean this in a mean way, but I am genuinely puzzled by the number of comments your posts get.
37) I know a lot of your struggles as a single mom. I appreciate your ability to keep your wits and humor about you.
38) I’m glad you found your way to the blogging world and I hope you continue to blog and continue to enjoy it.
39) You are so freaking adorable and your reporting on issues such as hot farts make my heart happy that you are in the world.
40) I wish I could make scrapbook pages like yours. I am so jealous!
41) I’ve just started to read your blog and while I like you, I find your lack of focus somewhat disturbing. Also, some of the pictures you post are PG13 at best.
42) Your conversations with your therapist make me laugh. I’m sorry if that is wrong. Okay, I’m not really sorry. They are very funny!
43) While I admire your dedication to your children, it makes me feel a little sad that you never write about yourself or what you think. You are more than just a mommy.
44) I am so embarrassed that I had been to your blog several times and never left a comment. I will be better about it now, promise.
45) You seem very angry in your blog. I’ve read it several times but I haven’t commented because I’m afraid of you.
46) I tried to read your blog and like it. Honestly I did. But it was basically just a page of graphics. I feel like I didn’t learn anything about you at all.
47) You are beautiful and I think your adventures are so amazing.
48) I really wish you could get pregnant. I know you would love and appreciate your child so much.
49) I wonder where you live in Tennessee?
50) I appreciate what a good father you are to your children. They are very lucky.

Man, I had no idea I “knew” this many bloggers! The sad thing is I could keep on writing!


M said...

WOO! I'm impressed as all hell that you read that many people. I could seriously go through everyone I read (even occasionally) and maybe get 25ish these days.

I also want to know who's who (at least the 'nice' comments) on yours! Would give me good reason to check some of those people out knowing why you read them!

rookiemom said...

This was so fun to do! I think I could probably do one all about bloggers I read as well. Though I am a lurker for the most part. I will have to work on that.

frannie said...

are you going to tell who is who? I love these, but I always want to know who people are talking about. :)

PinkCat said...

I loved reading that, it was bloody brilliant...!! I do not read 50 people. OMG my husband thinks I am on this thing enough. I think I may have to broaden my blogging horizon a bit though.

I just love your blog. I love the way you write and your honesty. I am trying to expand my writing because I felt that I was just writing for the people that have been reading it and not for me. I must say you have inspired me. I am so glad that you commented on my blog.

May I add you to my blog roll?

Take care and keep writing good.

my4kids said...

I really like reading theses and trying to figure out who is who. I think I know a couple but not positive and I don't know if you would include me in it either. I really like your blogs and of course have I told you lately how much I love your new layout! Also I am jealous

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I do not read 50 bloggers. I wish I did.

I will start expanding my horizons..yes I will.

Ashley said...

holy shit - I sooo want to know who all you were writing about - I think I am going to do this too!!!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

I wanna know who's who too. "who's who too", ha ha, I crack myself up. Ok, not really.

Em said...

Some of these I just so want to know who they are! LOL You did an amazing job writing this post.

CPA Mom said...

you MUST email me. who is who????? I won't be able to sleep.

Happy Working Mom said...

Ahhh! I want to know who is who too!!! I agree with so many of your comments when I think of different blogs that I read. Can you at least e-mail us to let us know which one we are? OK, that was really presumptuous of me to even assume I was on there...but you could e-mail the ones that are :)

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Yes, please email the who's who!

Betsy said...

I can't handle stuff like this. Much like cliffhanger movies and most things that are meant to be kept secret to be effective.

I need to know who is who, to keep me from coming back to this post and, assuming we read all the same people (uh-huh, right) speculate this and that, matching comments to blah blah blah.

Please? Match a few for me?

Ashley said...

That's it, we have takin an unofficial vote - and yee shall diclose!!!!!!!!! Pullleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

I meant disclose - ha

Ashley said...

okay - I digress, just tell me if any of them are me & who is #30

Wendy said...

Okay! I am loving these on everyones blogs but it is driving me crazy no tknowing who's who!!LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I am #30 right? If I'm not I am totally going to thumb wrestle someone;)

I think I know a few of them but like everyone else- I MUST know. Why? Because I am freakishly nosy.

Please email me, enquiring minds & all that crap.

Shanilie said...

Wow, I have never seen this done before. I love it. Some of what you wrote is exactly how I feel about some of my blogger peeps. lol

I am the type of person who thinks the worst, so when I see a negative report I go hmmm...I wonder if that's me lol.

I have got to try this some time! I am going to once again steal your idea ;) That okay?

Anonymous said...

Yeah....tell us who is who. Or, e-mail the ones you listed and tell them they rock :)

Anonymous said...

Ok..this is probably me being all "Yeah...she reads me....I'm cool" when we all know I'm NOT cool...BUT, am I #31?? I posted on being a yucky mother...but, I have fantastical readers who made me feel much better.

velocibadgergirl said...

Ack! The suspense!

I hope to the bottom of my heart that I'm someone that got a good comment. I need to stop worrying that I'm #19 or #33 or #36 (or #41! Ack!)

SJINCO said...

I agree, uh...who's who? I'm dying to know and I love the idea!

frannie said...

I am sooo in love with you! :)

you hot, hot woman!

Unknown said...

Damn it, Chick....stop being all mysterious and let us KNOW....HAHAHA! But really, it WAS fun to read anyways.

Anonymous said...

This was a really interesting post and made me stop for a moment and think what I would say to all my 'reads'. It would be fun to do, maybe I will borrow this idea from you one day soon.

I would be interested in knowing who some of the bloggers are, some of them sounded so interesting!

Bethany said...

I totally love you too!

Patiently waiting said...

Brilliant post! Hopefully you will share just who is who, but if not that's fine too. I appreciate honesty more than anything in the world.

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one worrying that if you DO read mine, that I'm not one that "isn't funny" or is "mean." I think I know who #31 is, but seriously, throw us a bone!!

just me said...

Awesome Post, that was way cool...was hoping I was maybe 3 or 6...heheh..but then again I didn't think I would even had made the 50 list since we just "met" but then I got to 49 and that must be me so I was thrilled to make the list!! (if its not me that call me a dork! lol)

But I am in middle TN, does that help you?..think I40, 100 miles from Nashville, 100 miles from Knoxville and right there smack in the middle is where I live.

Again..fab post!

PS Wish I was cool like you!

Emma in Canada said...

Holy crappy...lotso comments! Yea, I need to know who I am. I hope I'm on there good or bed.

Anonymous said...

Was the Naked Ovary the invited-only blog? Because I'm still sad about that too... I read her through her infertility and then through all the long waiting for Maya, and then, once Maya arrived, it all got snatched away. No Karen as happy mommy. Pfft. It's like reading a very long, difficult book where you really feel for the protagonist, and then having a one-page happy ending.

Amy W said...

Yes, I am going to lose sleep over this...who's who???

Real Life in South Carolina said...

Wait. Number 42 isn't about me is it, because I haven't even told anyone about my conversations with my therapist! ;)

Anyway, what a good/fun idea! How do you know so many bloggers? You are like, blog popular!

Amy W said...

Seriously, email me and tell me which one I am...my email is in my profile!