Sunday, February 18, 2007

Help me! Help me!

So how do you find new blogs?

I started reading blogs because of My beloved M. I love her honesty, her excessive use of the word Cod, and especially pictures of her little baby boy. I decided to start blogging myself because I needed a creative outlet. I'm still writing my book, by the way, but it bogs me down from time to time, so I need this blog to report on all the exciting details of my life. Or whatever.

Weekends are hard on my blogroll. Speaking of which, I really need to update my blogroll. There are numerous people I read on a daily basis who aren't included right now. But anyway, it seems like a lot of the folks I normally read take the weekends off. Which is cool. Most people have much more of a life than I do. I get that. So on the weekends I end up cruising the 'net and looking for blogs that are interesting, fun to read, or make me mad.

So who do you read? Do you read me and not comment and have your own blog that I might like to read? (Because seriously? Like 100 people a day read this blog and not nearly that many comment, and really I'm not cool. I'm not cool at all and I love getting comments. I honestly read every single comment and go and visit every single blog of everyone who visits me.) I'd probably like your blog, unless you are one of those people who get to my blog by doing Google searches for things like, "Bertha's fat thighs" (No, I'm not kidding). I'd like to have a chance to see it anyway.

So hit me! Tell me who you are and where your blog is. Or if you comment already, tell me who you read. Me and my weekends will thank you. The dust under the couch? Not so much. Not that I care about that crap anyway.


rookiemom said...

I am a comment junkie as well. I am all full of glee if I have new comments on my blog.

I think I found yours through a link on one of the other blogs I frequent. Have I commented you before? I can't remember. I am in a fog of lack of sleep and new mom dementia.

That Chick Over There said...

Hi! Yes you have! Your husband threw a biscuit in the face of a rude customer at KFC! LOL!

Unknown said...

I find my 52 daily reads through other's blogs. If the first post or three hook me, I give them a "trial" read--they don't post often, they get cut :)

I've commented. I've admitted I'm a stalker..uh, regular reader :)

I have some of the blogs I read on my blog. Not all.

just me said...

Hi! I just found your blog from Ellie's weekend wink. I already spent too much time on here reading your wonderful posts! So, I know I will be back to read again and will put you in my blog roll for sure!

frannie said...

I found you through some other blogs I frequent. I have kind of the same guidelines as Kellie above). It all started with the next blog button... to be honest, I didn't even know this world exsisted. I started posting pictures of my son for my family and then one day happened to see the next blog button. I came across the All the Jones Men blog and my life was changed. then it was delurking week. (again, I didn't realize people read other people's blogs for fun or to "meet") since then, I've been a blog whore.

I have a lot of insecurities and never feel like I fit in anywhere, so it has been hard for me to try to make "friends" through blogging. I always feel like I'm the odd man out or that my comments suck or that everyone is off in the bloggiverse making fun of me, etc. And I've made comments on people's sites saying Look we have X in common and been ignored. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but it still makes me feel like a loser. I still lurk on a few blogs that I haven't ever got up the courage to out myself on... maybe one day.

anyway... just a little peak at my crazy!

That Chick Over There said...

Kellie, you are one of my favorite stalkers. :)

Michelle, thanks for coming by! I'll check out your blog also.

Frannie, I know what you mean. Totally. I have a lot of insecurities too and I never feel like I fit in. I read a lot of blogs and never comment because I feel like all those people are part of some cool club and I am so not invited. I always try to visit everyone who visits me though.

Gerbil said...

Someone we know sent me the link to M's blog so I could catch up on all the gorgeous kid pictures... I found your blog through the comments, and then you had LINKs and now I don't get very much done because I keep running through blogs like I've had too much sugar. It's all your fault, bwah-hah. Your blog is the one I come back to to get my bearings.

my4kids said...

I come by everyday but don't always comment. Mostly because I am not sure how to comment. I love your blog though. You have been by mine a couple of times though that I know of.

I like getting comments to its like Christmas when I see I have comments on my blog it makes me feel like someone is listening. Also I get google searches that have people comming by and I am not always happy about what brought them. I really messed up with the title for Izzaks sex ed class, that one brought by a lot of WEIRD and SCARY searches on google and I had to change the title a bit. I understand how you like getting comments though and like I said I really enjoy your blog, especially the new design, it is sooo cool, hehe.

I tend to ramble can you tell?!

Ute said...

came across your blog through Ellis weekend wink. I'm a german mother of twins and just work my way through your blog. Great that you have twins too and I love your blog and the things you post! Feel free to visit my blog, it's bilingual although my english is not allways as good as it should be.

Wendy said...

Hello Chick! I found your blog through ellies weekend wink! I have just read your whole blog! You crack me up and you are an awesome writer! Feel free to visit my blogs! I have a family blog, scrapbooking blog (just started today), and a 365 picture blog! You can get to all of those through my main blog!

I find blogs through the blogrolls on some of my fav reads!

Steffi said...

I enjoy to read your blog!I like it.Feel free too and come to visit my blog!Sorry please about my bad english in my blog!!


Vickie said...

Hi there, I found your blog through Ellie's weekend wink. You have a great little home her and I will be returning often.

My blogroll comes from links I find on some of my favorite reads or from those who visit me often.

Oh and I love comments.

Julie said...

Hi. I've been reading your blog for a while now but only recently commented. I think I found you via a comment you made on another blog - that's how I find most of the blogs I like to read. Anyhow, I just updated my blog list this weekend - you're actually on it if you don't mind. I added a whole bunch I read on a daily basis.

Patiently waiting said...

Hi, you've commented on my blog before. I really like your blog and read it everyday. I have recently added a link on my blog. I have some pretty good links on mine that you may not have read so check them out. Hope you are having a good weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Chick, looks like you are having a great weekend of comments! Good for you. I, too, love/enjoy comments, but not near all the people who come by my site comment. I guess if they come back for more reads, that means something too? But comments are great to get! I agree!

Unknown said...

Chick, I agree about the sad lack of posting on weekends. Whats up with that? The weekend is when I have the time to really catch up on my blog-reading, but hardly anybody else is updating. I guess most folks like to blog during working hours...hahaha! Anyway, I've found a few of my favorites by scrolling with the "next blog" button. But so few of those are actually legible, unfortunately. 80% seriously are just advertisements. Most of my favorites, I have found by clicking on the comments links to check out who's who. Thats how I found you. I just can't remember whose blog you happened to be commenting on that day though. Oh well......Blessing to all of us who don't have lives and who actually read and write blogs on weekends. HAHA!

PinkCat said...

I like your blog and read it everyday. I comment mostly but I don't think you have been to my blog but hey thats o.k. I will still keep reading yours if you don't mind.

Take care

Alpha Dude said...


This is me.

This is my comment.

God Bless.

M said...

Cod I need to update my blogroll something fierce. And my damn horrid layout. Thanks for the reminder.


You rock my world.

I need to send you $$$ for cookies. Hmm. Note to self: do that soon.

Thus concludes my comment just so you can sqeeeeeeek at the fact of getting another comment.

BTW...get yourself a gmail account so I can send you emails with the "f" word in them would you? I don't wanna try sending that via work. :)

Emma in Canada said...

I can't remember if you read me first or if I read you. No matter, I have found some great blogs because of you...Michelle, brown eyed girl, frannie... I know there's more. So, you know, thanks.

Jocelyn said...

I used to read blogs sometimes and not comment. Once I started my own blog, I "got" the kindness that is leaving a comment--giving that writer a sense of audience.

I think I found you just by clicking on some comment you'd left on someone else's blog. I just start trolling for new blogs sometimes, and yours was one I happened upon. You'll notice I've now been back repeatedly!

Brown Eyed Girl said...'ve seen my "weekly blog watch" when I've read everyone opn my blog roll and I'm bored and looking for something fun...I go to my blog "watch" people and choose ONE blog from their blog rolls.

Even if I just read that new blog but possibly find ANOTHER blog from that one.

Gets us out of the "cycle" that just about everyone on my blog roll is on yours, is on CPA Mom, etc...ya know.

Also, I go to and put in "need a new blog to read" and you wouldn't believe how many people TITLE one of their posts that.

I got so many matches the last time I did that. It was crazy.

FYI- We bought a new PC this weekend. A guy we know is building it and will have it ready on Tues. Once it works and it's going to be SUPERSONIC fast I will blog on weekends...

Shanilie said...

Wow, this was a good post. 21 comments. I don't know of anyone who has had that many. Good job.

When I first started blogging it was for away family and friends but now I blog for me and have gradually made friendships. Recieving comments has become a highlight in my day and I find many blogs fun and entertaing to read and enjoy venturing out searching for more.

I started by looking for other Mom's, then people with similar hobbies and interests under my profile links. I admit I do not comment on all the blogs I view when I click "next blog" on the nav bar. But, I agree with what some of the others have said. If they don't blog very often it usually takes me a while before I go back. Now, I find myself trying to recruit others to start a blog. For now my youngest sister has started, and I have several others very interested in it.

Here are a few regulars that I visit:

Anonymous said...

I will totally START blogging if it would make you happy to read about the incredibly mundane details of my life!

M said...

Note to Dawn: Start blogging. It would make ME happy. screw Steph. MY happiness rules. ;) (Oh, what, it's her blog? You made the offer to her? Eh. I'm a nosy nancy and saw your comment so nanny nanny boo boo I get to vote to-ooo!) I think everyone in the world should blog. Constantly. And on weekends. Twice even.

Debbie said...

I followed you back from a comment you made on mine. :) But I have seen you on a few other blogs that I read - your title is memorable.

I was on a blog search thing-a-bob for awhile. You sign up and earn credits by looking at other blogs, and then people look at yours. In the end, it was too much like work. Now, I just read and make comments, and then some of them visit me. I don't get a hundred readers per day, but the people who make comments are really caring. I love that.

I would definitely recommend A Spot of T ( She's a very entertaining read. My Eclectic Blog ( is about a mom in Alaska. She often has great moose photos. Very neat.
Happy and Blue 2 ( is ALWAYS good for a chuckle. There are more, of course. I enjoy Steffi's, but I see you've been over there already.

Have a good weekend!

Bethany said...

I know I commented on this yesterday! Where did it go? I came back to check out the blogs everyone else listed.

Anyway, yesterday I basically said i love your blog, you're great, blah blah blah.

Just a little more inspiration for ya;)

CPA Mom said...

I "fluffy pink glittery heart love" every blog on my blog roll, especially yours.

Get a Blog Roll account. Makes life so much easier.

Read any of mine for a new read. I think I have over 100 now. Which scares the pants off me. And my boss, if he ever found out.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

Well, I know you read my blog, so that won't be anything new. My suggestion? Go to some of the blogs, not only on your blogroll, but through your comments and click on some people in THOSE blogrolls. You can find some pretty interesting blogs that way!

By the way, you're not boring, you're funny as hell!