Monday, February 19, 2007

I should not watch informercials.

Really. It should be against the law.

If I turn on the television and an informercial comes on? There should be this huge steel trap that snaps my hand. Repeatedly.

Because I love them. I fluffy pink glittery heart love them and often end up with their new, improved, exciting, amazing products in my home.

Yoga Booty Ballet? Why, yes. I have it. I even use it.
Leslie Sansone and her Walking Away the Pounds with patented blue balls? Got that too.
Flavowave oven? The one that you can put your frozen crap in and it comes out all nice and evenly browned? Under my sink.
Assorted butt firming, thigh rolling, stomach crunching devices? Either sold in yard sales or collecting dust under my bed, but in my possession at some point.

This weekend? I ordered Slim in 6. For I was mesmerized by the bright shiny colors and the tight, lovely abs.

Why is it that t.v. seduces me so?

I'll watch television with Jason and if an informercial or commercial for some new, exciting product comes on within the first thirty seconds I will say, "WHAT'S THE NUMBER? TELL THE NUMBER!"

He just rolls his eyes.


So, I guess I will be exercising with Slim in 6 (within only five to seven days!). I might buy products on the television but I am much to anal to not use them. At least until they hurt my back from laying on the floor rocking my butt into submission.


Anonymous said...

Leslie Sansone rocks my socks. I heart her, despite her overly perky attitude and her horrible music - "we're feeling good power walk! Walk power walk!" (Is that even what they're saying?)

Because gosh darn it she's just so PROUD of you for taking a walk today and it makes me happy despite myself!

How's that yoga booty ballet? Can a ballet dropout (at four years old no less) with no dancing skillz hack it?

EE said...

Sounds like me! I am prohibited (by hubby) to watch these anymore!
Thanks for the laugh this morning!

julie said...

I love, love, love infomercials. I'm usually pretty good about not ordering from them, but I've been oh, so tempted.

Shanilie said...

lol it is funny that you should mention that....believe it or not the one and only time I got something from an infomercial it was the Slim in 6. Yes, it really was a waste of money. There are better work out videos out there. Her's I found pretty boring. I like a work out video with a little more dance and better music.

I really enjoy informercials but I find I always want it afterwards. It is good that I don't have a whole lot of $ because then I would get everything I see. Right now, I am trying to sell Ryan on wall hooks that hold up to 180lbs for mirrors, pictures, shelves etc. Looks so easy and handy!

dennis said...

ummm, I buy things that wife.imp indicates she would like to try and when she ceases to look at them (never having used them...bowflex, total body works 5000, treadmill, dance dance revolution, bicycle, roller blades...) I have a yard sale.

although I did keep some for me...

Bethany said...

"Patented blue balls"

My husband's got some of them.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who ordered just about everything off infomercials!! Sadly for me, I HAVE to have them, impatiently wait for them, only to use them once and then hide them somewhere in the house. Maybe I should sell them om eBay :)

frannie said...

I am the same way! if it is on tv, I want it. We have an "as seen on TV" store close to us... my husband won't even let me go in it.

Little Miss said...

I ordered the Slim in 6, I kept seeing the informercial over and over and finally it convinced me to buy it. I guess if you do it EXACTLY the way it says, it can work. But they never mention the pills that they also sell that the people who did the Slim in 6 took and got "better results." I returned it and got my money back!

If my hubby wasn't such a tightwad, I would probably have ordered everything off of every informercial known to man!

Happy Working Mom said...

I used to be like that! I finally had to make myself stop watching them or else I would be in debt up to my eyeballs!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I've ordered a few in my day.

Most usually end up in a yard sale.

The only ones I never parted with...sad to say...

Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies Dancing ones.

There's a latin one , 80s dance mix and then an oldies one.

Those I have never regretted buying.

M said...

Ahh it's a good thing I'm poor or I, too, would be the infomercial queen. Josh shares my infomercial love. We cruise late night tv for infomercials to watch!

Remarkably I've only ordered a few items based on infomercials but been miiiiighty tempted by others.

My fave purchase? My knives. I'm obsessive about knife commercials and couldn't have been happier to actually PURCHASE some! *swoon*

julie said...

m -- did you get the Ron Popeil knives?!

Gerbil said...

My husband desperately wants to order Yoga Booty Ballet and can't stop giggling over the name. He is an infomercial junkie.