Friday, March 30, 2007

"Nicknames stick to people, and the most ridiculous are the most adhesive."

Anyone know where that quote comes from? Anyone?

Someone asked me not long ago why I use the name “That Chick” on my blog, instead of my real, actual name, since obviously I don’t mind using my husband’s real, actual name, as it is, in fact, Jason, and he is, in fact, my actual, real-life husband.


Two reasons: One, I think about seventy percent of the males born in the United States between 1971 and 1980 were named Jason. So basically, he could be anyone.

Second, in real life? I’m really not memorable at all.

No really. I’m not. I have solid evidence.

Since 2005 I have worked on the same project at work. It’s a somewhat small project with probably less than fifty employees. I have “met” some of the people on the project for the first time about a hundred times. Recently I went to a meeting and a man who I have spoken to, who has yelled at me via email, and whom I have been physically face to face with no less than twenty-five times came up to me and said, “I’m Forgety McForgettfulface. Nice to meet you.”

Holy crap.

So, I, being uncouth and whatnot said, “We’ve met like twenty times. I’m just extremely forgettable.”

He was very embarrassed and since then has not forgotten my name and in fact, every single time he sees me he shrieks, “HEY CHICK! HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY?”

And I just laugh.

I got very amused one day as someone who I had known for nearly two years said, “It’s that girl…you know…that chick…over there,” and pointed at me. They couldn’t remember my name (which is not difficult or confusing, honestly). I’m just this quiet person who sits and does her work and does not stir up crap or make others cry. Which I understand is kind of rare in my line of work, but whatever.

So that’s why I’m “That Chick”. At least for now.

I’ve given up my original writing project because it was just very difficult and painful for me. I have, instead, been writing a more humorous book. Lately I’ve had a really huge determination to sell-it-and-get-it-published-and-for-the-love-of-Moses-just-have- someone-read-it. Recent events in my life have convinced me that it’s something worth pursuing.

So when my book gets published, I’ll use my real, actual name. And you can misspell it.

It will be awesome.


Bethany said...

You crack me up. I'll let you in on a secret: Bethany is not my real name. What is? Beth, just Beth. How frickin lame am I? That's the best name I could come up with. I'm a dork.

Actually, that is what my college roommate called me & I kinda like it but still- not very original.

Amy W said...

I can't wait for that book and have you sign it with whatever name you want to sign it with!

Julie said...

Hey Chick, yeah you over there, I'd read your book! Hell, I'd even BUY it! : )

frannie said...

I'll buy your book, if there's a coupon. :)

EE said...

I'm totally guilty of forgetting people's names...unless they piss me off, have a big booger hanging out their nose, or their pants are unzipped.
I would totally buy your make me laugh!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

You might not stir up crap, but, uh, you have made me tear up on occasion!

I would totally buy your book and not forget your name!

Alpha Dude said...

I would totally buy your book.
I would use it as an istructional manual on how to get through everyday life.

You are an inspiration.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Anything you write would be something I would own. Hands down!

Now....what's so funny about that my friend, Jessica.

They call her the wrong name ALL the time..wanna know what she gets from EVERYONE ...

Stephanie and Amanda


That's why people don't remember your name..they are giving your name to other people.

my4kids said...

Chick, I have frequently been refered to as "that lady with all them kids" so I know about nicknames when people don't remember your name. Even though they have met you many times.
Also, I would totally buy your book!

Also I googled the quote so I cheated and found who quoted that.

CPA Mom said...

Where on Amazon is your book so I can pre-order it? Because I totally will, once it is published and all.

Angie said...

I'll join the book club, too. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Thanks for making me smile!

Adventures in Baby Fat said...

My husband, born 1976, is a Jason. There is truth in what you say since we know about 1,000 Jason's within the same age range. It is definitely nondescript.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

So if we buy the book we get to find out your real name? Is that the scheme? =P

I purposely misspell my name since the original is so boring.

Anonymous said...

I would also totally buy your book. And then I'd petition Oprah to have you on for her book club.

Unless your book is full of lies. And then I won't tell Oprah because she's quite the bitch to people who like to make their lives sound more interesting. She'd definitely hate my mother, that Oprah.

alissa said...

I love your blog... I would no doubt love your book.

Where you're forgettable, I seem to be invisible. Seriously. I can be in line at a store and some shmoo will just cut in. When I say something, I get the "Oh.. didn't see you there." This happens ALL THE TIME. I'm short, sure. But c'mon. Ugh. People.

Anonymous said...

I'd SO buy your book...but, you'd have to meet me at Target to do it :)

I would never think you were shouldn't think that, either!!

dennis said...

remember that skit with Tom Hanks a few years ago on SNL? The one where he was the man with the world's worst short term memory??

...aaaaand you are...?

Unknown said...

Now I'm curious about your book, especially since part of the reason for my blog is to get me off my a** to write my own.

And I think a lot of people don't use their real names on their blogs. It's freeing.

Emma in Canada said...

Part of me wishes I had never used my real name or my kids real names. Funny though, that you don't use your name but everyone seems to know it.

I'd buy your book. Make sure it's a big publisher so it makes it up to Canada. I don't do Amazon. Otherwise you'll just have to send me a freebie.

julie said...

I would read your book, too! Oh, and my child's name is not really Polly. But that is what I call her.

Shanilie said...

Wow, you are writing a book. How exciting. I would buy it too. I always wondered where the term "chick" came from and it all makes sense now. I've been called across the room "hey chickie" but that's all and not very often.

Jim said...

Hi Chick OT -- Britmum recommended we take a peek here so I am. You have a nice blog, plus the other one.
That guy got rich over in Iraq with a big contract, didn't he?
Mrs. Jim doesn't want me to use her name either. So I'm Jim and she is Mrs. Jim.
She came up with that when I threatened to call her 'my Roommate' or 'my Roomie.'
My main blog is JIM'S LITTLE BLOG,

and rudeness said...

Sign me up for your book! I LOOOVE anything/everything you write.

And I would NEVER forget you if we met. Ever.

And if you shook my hand. I would NEVER wash it either.

velocibadgergirl said...

It blows my mind that people have trouble remembering you. Between your smile, your kickass personality, and your seventeen tons of hair, I find you immensely memorable!

And you know I'm already waiting in line to buy your book. xoxo

Dawn~a~Bon said...

I remember you!!!!

SJINCO said...

I would totally buy your book! TOTALLY.

And why is it that I too have protected my name, but not my husbands or my kids. Really weird now that I think about it, I have nothing to hide. Or so I thought. And people ALWAYS mispell my name, hell, even my own Dad does and he's known me for 31 years.....

And I would / will ALWAYS remember you - period.