Sunday, April 08, 2007

Even Jesus.

A couple of thoughts...

1) Isn't it weird how people imagine Jesus to look like? The guy who always plays Jesus in our church's various productions involving Jesus doesn't look anything like I imagine Jesus looks like. Plus, I always imagined Jesus as being this really humble, possibly kind of self-deprecating dude, and this guy? Acts like he really thinks he IS Jesus. Dude! You only get to play him because you don't mind wearing the wig, okay? Get over yourself.

Actually, I think Jesus wears Dockers and possibly Teva sandals. And he's really funny and cracks jokes a lot, and maybe he still has long hair, but he's definitely not as white as all those pictures depict him to be. And I think he really likes me and he's smiling as I type this, because really, how the crap am I supposed to know what he looks like? What if I show up in Heaven and I'm all like, "Hey Jesus! Whassup?" and he really does look like Morgan Freeman?

At any rate, it'll be awesome.

2) It's really freaking cold. For whatever reason it seems like it always get super cold at Easter. We got up today and it was in the 20's.

More annoying? All these little girls at church with sleeveless dresses and sandals on. MOTHERS. For the love of God! It's cold! I know they looked cute, but seriously. Put some tights on those legs.

3) Also? I know parents of very small babies need Jesus too, but can't they leave their baby in the nursery while services are going on? I really don't mean that to be mean, but it's hard for me to get my Jesus on while a small child is going like this:


and the mother is totally ignoring the squalls.

Because I mean, if the mother got up and walked the kid around or whatever, I wouldn't have nearly as much issue with it.

But seriously? When you act like you can't hear the kid crying? That just makes you look really stupid. Because EVERYONE ELSE can hear the kid crying.

4) Finally, further proof my children are hysterical.

We stopped at the market after church and Jason ran in while the kids and I stayed in the car.
Apparently, Boy Child farted.

GC: Gross! Boy Child FARTED!
BC: What? Eww! Girl Child! Stop farting!
GC: What? I didn't fart! You farted!
BC: Gross! You smell GROSS!
GC: Brother! You cannot blame me for that rip!
Me: Good LORD. Could you please stop saying fart! We just left church!
BC: And God and Jesus don't like farting!
GC: Everyone farts, brother. Even Jesus.

Good times.


Unknown said...

BC & GC are entirely too comical.... :)

It's FREEZING here, too....Morgan's little Easter dress is not going on her. Jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a hat...what the??

Anyway...happy Easter :)

Susan in va said...

Kids. Sheesh. Where do they come up with this stuff? Too funny!

It's freezing here, too! I wore a long dress and a long sleeve jacket, but like an idiot, wore sandals. It took two hours for my toes to thaw out!

Have a wonderful day, Chicky!

Patiently waiting said...

It was really cold today here too and to think last week we had weather in the 80's! Your kids definitely are funny makes me miss mine, sniff sniff; their mom called today and asked if she could bring them home tomorrow b/c they are out of school!

frannie said...

I think the big JC is up there cracking up.

and that is totally how I pray- "hey, God, What's up?"

we have to share DNA- (I had to re-type that--- I wrote we have to share AND)

Denise said...

Sorry to bum you out but we worn sandals, flip flops, and shorts here. But it was windy. Too funny on the kids.

Emma in Canada said...

Your kids are too funny.

Your church has a nursery? Where they watch the baby or you stay with it? Because if it's a watch your baby sort of nursery I'd go just for a crying baby free hour.

Our church? No nursery. No parents room. No Sunday school until they are in kindergarten. Our church sucks. And Jesus would agree with me I am sure.

Alpha Dude said...

Only you could have this much fun on Easter Sunday.

We had cold temps and snow flurries today. So much for a day that represents new life in the Spring!

Happy Easter and hope you all had an awesome Resurrection Day!

my4kids said...

I love your view on Jesus and his attire and attitude. I think he would crack jokes too.

I agree with the clothes thing. I don't get that. Kids probably would be much happier warm then cute!

I get frustrated with the sitting there and pretend the baby isn't crying bit also. I usualy kept the kids with me as babies but never stayed in the service if they cried, it's just common curtesy.

And your kids, hmm they sound like mine we had a similar conversation about farts in a restaurant their weird

Shanilie said...

Biggest storm we had all winter over here. House bound and maybe getting a little bored.

It is amazing how all pictures of Jesus are so different from one another. I liked your thoughts.

Julie said...

I hear you on the nursery thing. Our church didn't offer a nursery yesterday - that killed me as I got to entertain my 1 1/2 year old for the whole service. Part way thru I thought why did I even bother coming. She was quiet - especially b/c I plied her with m&ms - but very squirmy. I'm sure the sugar didn't help that!

julie said...

Everyone farts, brother. Even Jesus.

OK, this is my favorite quote of the day. It makes me smile.

dennis said...

the kids are toooo funny! However, as they enjoy farting so much, I won't ask if you would want a trade... :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the baby crying thing! Many stories on that subject....grates on my nerves, just a tad bit.