Monday, April 23, 2007

With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more!

What about that Billy Idol and his crazy hair? I still like him more than twenty years later.

Anyway, since apparently some of you are not yet sick of me talking about myself, I got more interview questions to answer. This one is actually a two-fer. I got them from both Bethany and BadgerGirl. Both of whom I adore.

First, Bethany's questions:

1. What is your dream vacation? Obviously money and time are not an issue.

I don’t know where I’d go, honestly. Maybe New York? Because I do love New York. The city that is, not that Trashy Woman on Vh1.


Somewhere where no one knows me and I could have some time to just be. Time to not have to be “on”. I’d be there long enough to have time to get a feel for where I was and time enough to feel differently about where I live now. Enough time that I could kind of forget. Maybe a month or two? I don’t know.

Obviously, I’ve never thought of this very much. Vacations are not a regular part of my life.

2. What fictional character (movie, tv, book) would you most like to be?

Becky, from Jennifer Weiner’s book, Little Earthquakes.

Because, actually, she sounds a lot like me now, except she’s, you know, fertile.

3. What person from history would you most like to have a conversation with? Why?

Theodore Roosevelt. I read a book about him for my History class last year and thought he was a fascinating character. While he was a beloved political and social figure he was very emotionally detached from his own child. He tended to marry and fall in love with women who were not intellectually equal to him.

You know, stuff like that.

I’d like to find out why, I suppose.

4. What one luxury item would you really want in your home?

Can a maid be considered an item? Because I really want a maid.

Actually, I want a secretary. I just want someone to walk around with me and do all my associated paperwork. I generate a lot of paperwork, for whatever reason.

But if those aren’t considered “items”, I guess I’d say a hot tub.

5. Other than people (family, friends), what could you not live without?

My dog. My dog, while not a person, is just about as close as I could get to a person without being a person. I adore her.

Diet Pepsi.

No seriously. Good Lord. I drink so much that I am ashamed.

Also? My day planner. I could not walk around upright without it. One day I forgot to bring it to work and I sat here for like, two and a half hours without knowing what to do. I was just completely lost. Franklin Covey is my cult.

My vehicle. (I never know if I should call it a car or an SUV) I puffy pink heart my Hyundai Santa Fe. With sprinkles. Glittery sprinkles.

Fun, yes?

Now, on to Badger Girl's questions:

1. Why did you start blogging and what do you like best about it?

I started blogging for two reasons.

The first was Missy's blog. I love her and adore her and her blog was so funny and it just seemed like so much FUN.

Also? I'm a lame-o copycat and can't think of good and fun things on my own.

The second was I was really at loose ends at the time. I started my blog in November, 2006 when I was less than a month from my college graduation. I would wake up in an absolute panic most nights because I had spent the last four years of my life in college and honest to God, I just had no idea what I was going to do on a day-to-day basis. College kept me extraordinarily busy. I’m an overachiever and not only did I work full-time and go to college full-time, I made straight A’s.

That month, not coincidentally, was also the month that I started a Girl Scout troop.

The real answer is: I don’t know how to slow down. I don’t know how to not be busy. I can’t make myself stop.

Man, that's deep. Sorry about that.

Okay, and what do I like best about it? Well, everything. But mostly all the really cool people I've gotten to meet. That's been awesome.

2. What's a funny story you haven't told on your blog yet?

Okay, so this one time? When I was about seventeen? I went to Chicago.

I really liked Chicago, a lot. It was a big city and fun and there was a lot to do.

We went to a really big mall…I can’t remember the name of it or even why we were there. I was looking for…I can’t remember. It’s not important, really. I think I was either looking for an Orange Julius stand or a store. But anyway.

I stopped and asked this very normal looking man if he knew where the store was.

And he said, raising his left arm over his head and the right side of his body,

“It’s up there like this.”

No, I’m not kidding.

I still have no idea if I managed to meet the only redneck in Chicago or he was making fun of my accent.

Also, that story is much funnier if I can describe the voice to you, so I apologize for being a Lamey McLamester.

3. Name one book you think everyone should read and explain your choice.

My book: "Why men who carry tote bags scare me".

Ha! Just lying.

Okay, I really did write a book with that title. But I’ve never tried to have it published.

Anyway. Real books.

When I was about thirteen years old I read S.E. Hinton’s novel "The Outsiders". I imagined, even then, that I only liked it because I was a teenager and filled with angst. But I still like it. Of course, I’m generally still filled with angst, so maybe that’s why, I don’t know.

But I loved the book because it was beautiful. These kids from the wrong side of the tracks and their lives touched me.

And I was really freaking impressed that when S.E. Hinton wrote the book she was fifteen. It’s an amazing work, but especially amazing given her age.

And it got banned. A lot. Which makes it extra good.

Can I pick another? I’m going to. Sorry.

"Catcher in the Rye", which is a J.D. Salinger novel. I have a lot of flaws and insecurities, in general, and so did the main character in this novel. I wanted to understand him.

And it also got banned. A lot.

Can I pick one more? Honestly, I could pick a million, but I’ll stop at a third. Promise.

M. Scott Peck’s "People of the lie". It’s not for everyone. I know it kind of makes some people mad. But it helped me to understand that yes, there really are evil people in this world, and yes, you are not a bad person if you recognize that.

Really. It changed me.

4. If money and time off work were not a problem, what vacation would you take?

See number 1 above.

Oh, also? I’d really like to go to Africa. I don’t know why.

5. If you could only listen to five albums for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Only five! Sheesh!

Okay then:

The Beatles: 1
Peter,Paul and Mary: Peter, Paul, & Mary
James Taylor: The Best of James Taylor
Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire: The Legend of Johnny Cash (close call between that one and the Essential Johnny Cash…but I love the song “Hurt”.
The Bee Gees: One Night Only

I swear to Bob, I was born in 1975. I know my musical selections would indicate otherwise. But I really was.

That's all for now, folks. Thanks for playing along.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You know, it was worth starting to blog just to meet you. Seriously.

Alpha Dude said...

I believe I have read every book by SE Hinton. Those were my favorite books in school. I could really relate to PonyBoy. The way she describes the people and the neighborhood and how those boys grew up and the way they lived, she could have been writing about me and where I came from.

That was Then, This is Now.

Julie said...

A maid is definately a luxury item. I would love a chef - I would LOVE not to have to cook meals. That would be my choice.

my4kids said...

I always loved "The Outsiders" it was a great book and never understood why it got banned.

Anonymous said...

I was convinced you and I were the same person (well, except for you having twins and being 30 times funnier than me) until I discovered you have the musical taste of a 55 year old woman.

Serously lady! I was born in 75 and my albums would probably include the Beatles and Chicago. But other than that? It'd totally be 80's and 90's stuff. Maybe even a best of Britney Spears.

SJINCO said...

Ahhh, love your answers! And the more you answer, the more I love you.

You rock!

Heathie said...

I heart Billy Idol! We had 80's day when I was in highschool and I dressed up like Billy Idol. Everyone thought I was crazy: "Girls can't be Billy Idol." But I didn't care because my hair and eyeliner looked *awesome.*

Why is it that all the good books get banned?

Patiently waiting said...

Very interesting stuff. I'm glad you started blogging :-) If I could pick a luxury item, I would pick a home organizer, lol.

Bethany said...

A maid is definitely a luxury item! I want one.

I loved The Outsiders and Catcher in the Rye. I'll have to check out People of the Lie.

If you are ever remotely near New York you had better tell me!