Friday, May 18, 2007

200th post and it's about crap! Woo!

My girl here posted all the crap that was in her purse and challenged her readers to do the same. Actually, I think she stole it from someone else, but she's so cute, you can't get mad at her!


First, my purse:
I love my purse! It's so freaking cute!

Naturally, the first thing that I can show you from my purse is this:

Ha! Just lying. I'm not Paris Hilton, my dog won't fit in my bag! She's a big old 66 pound heifer and I love the crap out of her.

Anyway. On with the real stuff.

This is a little photo album I keep in my purse. I don't have room for photos in my wallet, which you will soon see.

Yeah. It's a tampon. I went there.

Seriously, if you had a period approximately every eleven minutes? You would carry tampons too.

I always have some kind of bar in my purse, because I'm often driving between buildings during lunch time and I get really hungry if I don't eat something. I haven't tried the SoyJoy bars, because I've heard they taste kind of assy. But I'll probably end up trying it soon and I'll let you know for sure.

Here's my teeny little deodorant. I have to climb a really big hill to get to work and sometimes I'm carrying a lot of crap when I'm doing it, so I always want to make sure I can freshen up, if need be.

Yeah right! Like I'm going to show you my checking account numbers. SUCKERS!

That actually is my $1. That's all the green money I carry.

Here's my second wallet. I only use it for the fourteen million coupons I currently carry about. In case I need them!

My pens. I love pens. Lots and lots and lots of pens! Red pens are an engineers best friend, so I'm always popular with the engineers.

Here's my coin purse. (BAHAHAHAHA! I said "COIN PURSE!") It's shiny and red and carries my coins. (SNORT)

And finally!

My precious little iPod shuffle...

and my little red cell phone of joy! (It actually rang while I was taking the picture, which is why the screen in blue and the picture looks a little was vibrating!)

Wanna show me what you got?

*Edited: A big THANK YOU to Rookiemom who let me know that maybe some of my personal info was not so personal when the pictures were enlarged. THANKS WOMAN YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

Dammit...I JUST got over being insanely jealous of your kickin' purse and now you go and post a picture of it??!! :)

I was tagged for this post and need to get on it, huh?

Happy Weekend!!

Denise said...

Sorry I am still in the diaper bag phase, so no purse.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I just got my first purse since...oi, before Emma was born, so almost three years ago. Haven't broken it in and filled it up yet. =)

Your ipod is so pretty!

Julie said...

I love your purse! Who knew it could hold all that!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

I'm gonna try to get to this tonight. I obviously have nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm too embarrassed to show the crap in my purse.

Which means I'm going to have to do this, of course, because I'm all about blogging embarrassing stuff.

Alpha Dude said...

No purse, sorry (I'm not from San Francisco), but ......uh ....thanks for sharing.

Slightly less than 1/3 awesome?

I disagree. I'd say at least 7/8.

BS said...

Have you got a few hours to see everything that is in my purse right now? It's kind of embarassing really because I carry way too much stuff! I guess I need to get my camera this weekend and shoot away!

my4kids said...

Oh boy maybe I can do this but like bs said it may take awhile my purse is just stuffed with junk some of which I have no idea its in there!

Sunshine said...

You have more stuff in your purse than me! I make a sincere effort to have a purse the kids can't give me stuff to carry or I'd be schlepping all their crap. So, I keep my handbags medium to smallish.
But, I do collect tons of pens too, I'm a pen freak. There must be a club for us, right?

rookiemom said...

No problem! Being an Anonymous Blogger myself I watch out for stuff like that.

My purse is a haphazard mix of receipts and keys and pennies *damn those pennies! That float to the bottom! And then suddenly disapear when you actually want to use them!* and binkies and various other junk. Nothing too thrilling.

alissa said...

Do diaper bag contents count? At this point, I don't even remember the days when I actually did carry a real live purse... Seems like a very fuzzy dream...

Angie said...

Man, when I saw there was a new post, I was just SURE it was going to be all about Fred's final words on Law & Order tonight.

I'll say nothing else in case you tivo'd it. (Like I have a tivo - and would know what to do with it)

But, as soon as the show ended, I turned to Hubby and said, "That Chick is probably glued to the TV screen right now - just about 30 miles from here!"

Hope you enjoyed it, my dear!

Love the purse post - but I was more interested in L&O talk! : )

Kelly said...

Ok question for do you make a posting of a purse funny?? I swear you have the best sense of humor..I love it!! Love the purse too!!

frannie said...

I carry a ton of pens, too!

and I have the same little red coin purse!

M said...

i love your damn purse.

all these purse posts are making me wanna get my purse out and use it again instead of the new mommy default diaper bag with a wallet tossed in if i remember.

but seriously? i love your purse. and ginger. ginger and that purse are almost too much for me to handle.

yerdoingitwrong said...

CUTE BAG, girl. And I love the pink ipod!!

yerdoingitwrong said...

I'm gonna play along later....

EE said...

That is a cute purse!
I can't wait to do this one!

Lizarita said...

YAY! I love that you did this.
And JEALOUS of your DB purse. SO CUTE!

Jhianna said...

Just gotta say, that is one uber-adorable dog you have there.