Friday, May 25, 2007

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

My life both sucks and blows right now. Therefore, I am not even going to make an attempt to be witty or fun or smart or cute or anything.

Instead, I have decided to bombard you with photographs of the people I love.


One day I had two babies. It was pretty weird.

Even when they were really young, they were major Vols fans. They're cool like that.

Girl Child always rocked the headbands. Boy child finds them merely amusing.

It is stupidly ridiculous how adorable these people are. STUPIDLY RIDICULOUS.

Even when she's not thrilled, she's still pretty darn adorable.

One day I couldn't have another baby. So I got a puppy instead.

These are the things that I could not live without. This would be enough.


PinkCat said...

Awww Chick I am sorry that you are a bit down at the moment.

Hugs xx

Angie said...

Hey there, I'm having a craptacular day, too. Mine involved a doctor appointment, lab work, and the realization that I've got to make some major health changes if I want to be around to see my children grow up.

So, I'm right there with you.

Go Vols!

M said...

I love these people. And I love you for sharing. And I'm so surprised how different boychild looks as a baby and how same girlchild does.

And Ginger? Rocks the doggie world.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Okay, so the puppy picture? Almost as cute as the baby pictures. Almost. What gorgeous loves you've been blessed with!

frannie said...

you've got some fine young ones there! pup included.

Denise said...

They look so much like twins when they were babies, but as they got older you could see that they began to look different. so frickin cute!!

Shanilie said...

What great pictures....especially the second...too cute aaww, they are holding hands! I hope things start looking up for you soon! Children are a blessing!

Enjoy your weekend!

EE said...

So dang cute!!!!!

BS said...

Hang in there - Better days are to come. Beautiful children - I couldn't imagine having 2 at one time.

Anonymous said...

Seriously....could your kids have been any more adorable? Could Ginger be more lovey???!!

I'm sorry you're not happy...I wish I could make it all better.

We all love you...

Lizarita said...

Go Vols! (I really could NOT care less, it just seemed appropriate to say.)
Yuck. You're in a funk. It won't last forever. I'll have a cocktail for ya!

my4kids said...

Sorry your having a bad day ((hugs)) hope it gets better.
Your kids are all so cute! I love the baby pics

Anonymous said...

How freaking tiny they were! GAH!

Oh, so much cuteness! And the puppy sleeping against girl child in the final picture? Just want to smoosh them all!

Kelly said...

Great pictures! ANd your right..they are cute!

SJINCO said...

((HUGS)) to you. There will be sunshine around the corner, you'll see.

You children are adorable, and so is that pup!

Hang in there...

CPA Mom said...

I have no words. Too CUTE!!

hope you feel better soon.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

I hope things are getting better. Thank you for sharing some older pics of the kids! Cute cute cute, except for that orange crap.

My word verification word is MANCH. Teehee, what is that? Some sort of man only ranch?