Saturday, July 28, 2007

She's having a baby.

My little sister.

Well, okay, technically she's not little. She's almost thirty. And if you listen to her, which I don't about this, she's enormously pregnant and therefore not little.

But she's my girl. She'll always be my girl.

She and I had a fairly typical I-hate-you-and-I-wish-you'd-die-even-though-you're-the-best-I-got relationship growing up. Forced to share a room and be dressed alike, even though I was two years older, I resented her for being far cuter than I was. Mainly because we would go sell Girl Scout cookies together and all the people would be like, "Oh! She's so cute!" and buy ten boxes off of her and none off of me. She resented me for existing and probably two hundred other reasons. I'm sure I am not easy to live with.

At some point in our lives, and I'm not even sure when, we saw past our differences and realized, mutually, "Good Lord. These people surrounding us are insane." We bonded. And now we are friends.

Also, especially wonderful? Our kids are best friends.

We do feed those boys, by the way. Honestly.

We are really blessed. Both of us. Because we have great kids. We are both able to give our kids a lot more than we ever had. Our kids adore each other.

And we have each other.

I don't see my sister very often. Not nearly enough in fact. She's the funniest person alive. She makes me laugh every single time I talk to her. She's the smartest, bravest person I know.

Growing up, I never saw my sister as a mother, even though she's great with kids. But honestly, I've never seen anyone with such a natural ability to be a mother. Whereas I was just sort of dazed and confused and perplexed by my children, she took hold of her little son and began to sing him a song, right there in the delivery room. And this was after a particularly difficult delivery which included her mother-in-law taking pictures of her sister-in-law who was pointing at her butt. (It's the funniest story ever, now. When she tells it I can't breathe I laugh so hard).

And she is an amazing mom. She's got mad skilz when it comes to those kids.

Her new little girl is such an amazing blessing. She's going to do a fantastic job with her.

I am so, so proud of her.

I hope she knows it.
I can't be there that day. But in my heart, I'm right there beside of you, holding your hand.


Angie said...

Oh, my dear friend that I've never met. . . I swear you just told the story of my sister and me. The only difference. . .she's four years younger than me.

Mine has three kids. Hers were born before mine - 2 of hers, 1 of mine - 1 of hers and Caroline.

But, the whole hate her/love her thing happened with us, too. Sometime between the point where I left for college and when we both started having our babies.

Wow, thanks for making me cry (just a little). They're happy tears, though. You see, my sister is coming to see me next week.

Happy times await. And yes, she can make me pee my pants laughing, too. It's the best - and you just described it more beautifully than I ever could!

Alpha Dude said...

You are a great sister.

In reference to your earlier posts, this one wasn't funny. Perhaps because it wasn't meant to be.

But you are still more than 7/8 Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Awww....I'm all weepy and crap. Makes me want to call my little sister and tell her how much I love her.

Beautiful post written to a beautiful sister by HER beautiful sister :)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Is it too weird to say I missed you while I was gone?

I envy you so much right now though. What an amazing friendship. And I envy her, 'cause she's related to you. =)

Ann(ie) said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sis, girl. I always wanted a sister! They seem to be such special relationships.

Anonymous said...

Yay sisters!!!!

Congrats to her and to you Auntie.

Those are some wonderful kiddies there. They are lucky to have you...

Jamie said...

What beautiful kids BOTH of you have. Congratulations, Aunt. Sisters are the best ever, and you are both quite lucky to have one another. I'll just bet she talks as sweetly of you as you do her. :)

frannie said...

I'm so happy that you have such a wonderful relationship with your sister.

I know you are a fabulous aunt! such a lucky little girl, and she doesn't even know it yet.

congrats, ms. chick!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you, but it makes me sad.

My sister and I SO don't have that relationship. We get along better than we used to, but not like I woul like.

She is my only sibling. It is sad.

Jocelyn said...

What absolute gorgeosity. I think your sister might have a good sister of her own.

Amy W said...

Now I really, really want a sister...

What a great tribute to her...

Real Life in South Carolina said...

I think it's awesome that you have such a great relationship with your sister!

Anonymous said...

I want to be your little sister too. Even though we're the same age and all.

Does that mean we can be twins?

CPA Mom said...

wait, wait, I've been out of town. Did your sister have her baby already????

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

What a sweet post. I hope you show it to her. You and you sister both make beautiful babies and it's great that they all get along so well!

Will you be my big sister too? I never had one :(

Lol, my word verification is " emccat".

SJINCO said...

Sniff, sniff....

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

What great stories and pix to share for life. SO cool that the kids are close in age!

Congrats, Auntie Chick!

. said...

Hello.. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy it. Have a great day!


my4kids said...

I was noticing with your kids and the cousins they all look enough alike to really tell they are related! I'm jealous of your sister by the way....I have an older sister but she has made a lot of choices including not wanting to have anything to do with us at times. We don't nearly have that kind of relationship and I really wish we did.
Congrates on the new niece!