Sunday, January 06, 2008

Predictions for 2008

Okay, I know today is the 6th day of this year. I'm slow and also I've been busy doing things like running around the house going, "BLAH! BLAH!", taking down my Christmas decorations in a much more timely manner than last year, and watching Futurama endlessly.

Anyway. Here's my guess of what's going to happen this year. This guess is largely infused with a little thing we will call, "wishful thinking":

1) Some people are going to find out about my blog.
And not like in a, yay these people with money and privilege have found my blog and want to pay me money to write in it way! Probably? It's going to be some people that I don't want to find out, like my ex-husband and my husband's family. Oh and some of my own family, I imagine.

But actually? Maybe they already know. I get a lot of hits from the city in which my husband's family lives. My sister lives there too, so I know at least some of them are her (hi smoopie!), but surely she's not reading my blog THAT much. I mean, she does have a life and three children and all. So the point is, maybe they are already reading it so they can keep up with what Jason is doing. I don't know.

The bigger point is? I don't care.

No really. I don't care. Let 'em read it. Nothing I say is untrue.

As for my ex-husband? Well, if he's reading it that's fine too. He hasn't wanted anything to do with Boy and Girl Child since, well, ever. I imagine he's not chomping at the bit to find out information on them.

Also? Screw him. He doesn't scare me. Not anymore.

2) I'm going to say my real name.
Frankly, I'm surprised I haven't already, unintentionally. I am forever typing conversations between Jason and I and having to go out and replace Myrealname with "Chick". Someday, I'm going to forget.

Also? I said once that if I published something I would do the big reveal, and I think I probably would. Partially because, well, I'm a huge attention whore apparently, and secondly? Because I really think that there at least some people who care about me who just read this blog and haven't met me yet. I mean, there have been five people in the past few days who have sent me links to writing contests, book publishers, literary journals and, especially, notes of encouragement. For God knows what reason, these sweet people actually care about me. I don't think I even deserve it, but I'll take it. I'll take it graciously and, hopefully, give back as much as they give me.

Now I'm choking up. GAH!

3) Get over my fear of meeting people and meet some bloggers!
One, in particular, lives probably fifteen minutes from me and I've never met her. And she's fabulous and I really need to go have dinner with her.

Others live further away. Some probably so far that it's prohibitive, but others? I could make it work. I need to make it work. I need to put faces with words. I need to give hugs.

I need to know that people are real. Not that they are lying, but for me? It's really hard when someone cares about me and I don't know them in real life. Seeing them, meeting them, knowing them face to face will help me. I think. Unless they hate me. That would be pretty depressing.

4) I'm going to get out of the bad employment situation I am in.
I don't know how yet. But I know I will. I know I have to, for my own mental health and my own well-being.

Also? It's much easier since some of the people I cared about and trusted have proved to me in the past few days they really don't give a crap about me. So, you know, why continue making them money? Why continue putting my heart and time into people who really don't care about me and my well-being at all?

So. Forget that. I did my best. I really believed what I was being told. Now I know better.

Call it growing up. Whatever.

5) I will celebrate five years of marriage with Jason.
There were times last year? I wasn't so sure.

Now, I'm sure.

6) Something big is going to happen.
It's just a feeling. I don't even know why. Or what. Or even if it will be good or bad. I've just been feeling for the past few days that this year is going to be a year that something really huge happens.

Maybe I'll start selling my writing. Maybe I'll get an amazing job. Maybe someone close to me will die. Maybe I'll finally accept my infertility. Maybe I'll adopt a baby.

I don't know. Maybe none of it will happen.

But something will.


Tricia said...

A. I am stealing your predictions idea. SO much better than resolutions. But hey, at least when I blatantly copy you, I will give you credit.
B. I have a feeling that you don't reveal your name because you are honest. And quite frankly, if you ae anything like the voice that comes across in your blog, then you must be pretty awesome. Get out there, girl. Meet your fellow bloggers. I am pretty sure they won't hate you.
C. Please, please, please keep "wasting your time" with your writing. Cause I kind of stalk you.

J said...

I am on the edge of my seat now to see what happens! I think that you getting published is a huge possibility, because you rock the block.

NaeNae said...

I too, like the idea of making predictions for the year.

I was an idiot and shared my blog with family and friends. To be honest, I created the blog for them (because most of my family live out of state). Sometimes, I wish I hadn't shared it with some. Oh well. Maybe I'll start a new one - where I can vent.

When I created my blog, I decided I wouldn't use real names...I failed.

Meet your blogger friends!

Making changes can be scary. But in the end, you'll be happy you did!

Happy 5 years!

Whoa! Now that's a prediction! I hope the "something big" is something good!

Krissie said...

I will be married for 5 years this year too!
I shared my blog with friends and family in the beginning and kinda forgot about it. Now I have friends comment on my cooking, and realize that they know from my blog, and then I remember that I talked about my bra-shopping experience and that he must have read that too...
Oh well. I am who I am.
And a lot of things will happen! Embrace them!

frannie said...

oh, please come visit me!!!! I really hope you do!!!!!!!!!!!

BS said...

BIG THINGS WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU THIS YEAR - I just know it. And I am anxiously waiting to hear about them. You rock!

Anonymous said...

OK so first off you know i love you, and if i knew anyone who published or knew someone who knew someone i would soooo be telling them of you.

Secondly, i am very very shy, i have social anxiety and on meds for it (but am not shy online lol) And i *think* you live in alabama...i forget why i think that.

Anyway if you do, I would LOVE to get together and let the kids play or something.

:) Heather

Angie said...

Well, speaking as the one who lives about 15 minutes away. . .and if I'm not, I'm DYING of embarrassment. . . I am certain that I'm going to meet you, too.

I see these things for you and so many more wonderful things this year. Listen. . .Sam Venable has got to retire one of these days. When he does, there will be a full half-page in the News-Sentinel that needs a voice.

When it does. . .my vote is for "That Chick who Took Sam Venable's place!" LOL!

Lizarita said...

I know your real name and I feel so priveleged.
That douchebag ex-husband of yours is going to be one sorry sonofabitch if he does read. He's missing out on some serious awesomeness with Boy and Girl Child. (Hey...I know their names, too. I AM AWESOME!) (I kid.)
I hope that whatever BIG is going to happen happens soon and I hope it is as awesome as you deserve.
Your job? Tell THOSE douchebags to suck it.
And finally...Happy 5 years with Jason. Awesome. xoxoxo

Lizarita said...

CRAP! I forgot the most important thing. We live in the same state. Granted, not 15 minutes away, but still....not a far drive. We should plan maybe a Nashville get together when it gets above 60 degrees outside. THAT would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Yupp, this is the year........I can feel it. You go girl....:)

Ashley said...

oh, good idea! predictions are muuuuccchhh better than resolutions.

the planet of janet said...

we will have our fifth anniversary this year too! (of course, i'm on my third marriage. i just finally managed to get it right this time)

anyway, you go, girl!

Anonymous said...

I have always thought predictions are better than resolutions. If i am wrong about a prediction...not such a big deal. If I fail at a resolution, I feel like I am a failure! Who needs that brain damage???

I think I know your name from an email...

Anonymous said...


Welcome aboard to 365!

TheOneTrueSue said...

I met with blog friends recently. I think they were VERY disappointed. I think they were waiting for me to say something funny. They waited for a long, long time.

M said...

All I gotta say is #3 better include me. I've known you longer than these other bitches and I? Will cut them. You taught me well. ;)

The other ones? Interesting predictions. I only hope that #6 is fantastic. I suspect it will be. You deserve it.

Mikey said...

Hey! Chick! I read you every day! Cause I love you, whether we've met or not. Your writing TOUCHES people! It almost never fails to make me laugh out loud.
So piss on those naysayers. Type till your fingers fall off and give em hell!
And here is another link for you to an agent (if you don't have it already), he blogs, and the archives are pretty good, especially query letter rules. You gotta read that. He's here

Don't ever stop being you. Cause YOU ROCK!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

The first time I met fellow bloggers? Wow. I have a new super-close-love-her-to-bits friend as a result. Second time? Ditto, out of the group, one more super-close-etc...friend. So yes, totally recommend that. It's so happy making.

If you use statcounter and click "Recent Visitor Activity" you can label ISP addresses to pin down who is who. I luvs it. Feels a bit big brother-ish, of course, but it's just so -neat-!

Jocelyn said...

I like the one about your meeting other bloggers for reals. I find that idea very intimidating, too, but whenever I've read about such meetings, people aren't disappointed!

I started singing, "Whoooooo knows? Could it be? Yes it could! Somethin's comin', somethin' good..." when I read your last one. Yes, you will have a good thing this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh hurray for your last one... I can feel it too!

Bunny said...

I just love that feeling. You are on the cusp, baby, the edge. You are about to step onto the precipice of the rest of your life. Or something. You just keep being your amazing self and we all love you. Maybe the universe is just shaking out some of the bs from your life. I'm with you. (And boy do I wish I lived closer to you. I would love to swing my arms around your neck and give you a big ol' squeeze and a kiss!)

Anonymous said...

NY isn't TOO far away. Right? RIGHT?!

I hope #6 comes true. Not anything bad. All good. You? Deserve more than all good :)

dawn said...

happy 5th!

(thanks for stopping by my blog. go see juno already & report back)

Edie said...

All of these predictions seem to be things that are going to make your life better. (I refuse to believe that anyone is going to die...) So, if that's the case, you're going to have a GREAT year!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I live in Japan right now...(we are stationed in Iwakuni, DH is a Marine) but I visit you quite often, though always as a lurker...

so. I guess visiting me is out of the but I just wanted to say that I hope ALL GOOD things come your way...I think you are awesome, and I think we would be friends if we met IRL...I read your blog and sometimes I just crack up out loud...I tell my husband about some of your entries...and yes I say, "Honey, you know "that Chick" whose blog I read all the time?" are fantastic and I wish you and yours all the best...oh...and? we share a lot in common...I was married a douchebag who has not seen our 3 girls for 7 years now...and he NEVER has paid child support...and I also married a wondrful man who has stepped up to the plate for me and my I can so relate to you in many of your feelings....and so, just wanted to say after all this...that I keep you in my prayers...and here 's to an awesome 2008!!!!

CPA Mom said...

Yes, I DO care about you. I'm choking up too. I'm still on the hunt for more writing opportunities for you too.

You are NOT that far from me. I need a hug too. Can we meet 1/2 way after tax season?

Mrs. Booms said...

I hope your last prediction is nothing but awesomeness. And you should really meet me because then awesomeness would happen to you. Or something like that.

Have I rambled enough yet?

Amy W said...

I am so going to meet you in August!!

SJINCO said...

I would love to meet you in person - would love to! You know, if the opportunity ever arose....

Big things are going to happen you you in 2008 - I mean, why the hell not? You are awesome, you deserve it.

Dawn~a~Bon said...

If you want any help on your resume you know I love doing that! Also if you want me to pass it on to my contact here I'd be happy to do so. Lurve ya!

EE said...

Love this!
I hope your predictions come to fruition (is that a word?) least those that you WANT to:)

Wenderina said...

Move over Nostradamus...That Chick is in the house.

Tamar said...

Oh Enid, I can't wait to see how things turn out for you!

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

I think that if you live in the same state, then you are not too far away. Hint hint, wink wink!

Also, I know your name. I feel special!