Sunday, June 01, 2008

I should do and say nothing while I am sick with the flu.

Seriously. It just does not go well.

At approximately 3am, I decided that we needed to move back to North Carolina. Somehow being there will magically solve all of my problems, I suppose. I woke Jason up to tell him of this plan.

At three o'clock in the morning.

He was not amused. He said we would talk later when I wasn't high on NyQuil.

So I got up and came to my computer. So I could look for jobs. In North Carolina, people. NORTH CAROLINA.

Remember what I said about North Carolina? That it would be a cold day in hell and all that?

I got distracted by MSN. I wanted to log into MSN and check up on my board. So I kept typing in again and again and again and the stupid page would not change. It was extraordinarily frustrating and I was about to cry when I realized something.

My home page? Is set to MSN.

So. There's that.

No one was around at 3am to talk to me, so I started looking for jobs, got confused and applied for one in North Dakota instead of North Carolina. I then sent the person an email and told them to disregard because I was high on NyQuil.

I tried to recall it, but it didn't work.


Sorry random company in North Dakota. Please do not turn me in to any authorities.

I went back to bed and kept dreaming I had a bunch of step-kids. It was really weird. They all had red hair.

I got up and took more NyQuil.

I don't think the NyQuil is doing anything except helping me to sleep.

And hopefully? Helping me forget.


Jenski said...

You think the NyQuil is helping you sleep? It's also helping you apply to jobs nationwide and dream of a bunch of red-headed step children. Careful you don't take too much. :-)

Gerbil said...

I am convinced that nothing involving NyQuil can ever end well. But I do hope you feel better quickly.

Rebecca said...

For some reason, I think moving back to NC is a fantastic idea.
We can do lunch!! Or we can swig Nyquil, whatever floats your boat...haha!

frannie said...

who needs crack when you got nyquil!

Cat said...

Awww I hope you feel better soon. I am kind of back and kind of not back. lol I will post soonish.

Hugs and well I have missed you lots.


Birth Sister Doula Services said...

hey. i resemble that red-headed stepchild remark. :)

if you're going to look for a job in another state, please email me. i may have some leads for you if St. Louis is of interest to you.

Betsey Booms said...

NyQuil makes me hallucinate. So this? Does not surprise me.

Amy W said...

Please come to NC...pretty please :).

Catwoman said...

Mmmmmm... I love me some Nyquil.

Those people in North Dakota are probably going to be so confused!

Sabrina said...

LMAO! If you come to NC, look me up! I live close to Amy!

Jocelyn said...

You wouldn't believe the standard of living in North Dakota. And Jason could start a windmill farm. Yea, they can sell the wind there. It's that good.

SJ said...

I do the same whacked out stuff when I take Nyquil.

And also? I have weird dreams when I eat ice cream before bed.

Mmmmm. Ice cream.