Monday, August 24, 2009

Yes. We really do have these conversations.

Me, to Jason: You know, I wish you were my boyfriend and not my husband.

Jason: Why's that?

Me: Because I want to introduce you to people and be all like, "This is Jason. He's my ManFriend."

Jason: Your Manfriend?

Me: Yes.

Jason: Um. Why?

Me: Because. It sounds better than boyfriend doesn't it? I mean, boyfriend? That sounds young. MANfriend. That's nice. I like that.

Jason: It's preferable to HUSBAND?

Me, stubbornly: I just like it.

Jason: Really, Stephanie? Really?


Jason: Well, if you like it so much then why didn't you call me your MANfriend when we were dating? You called me your boyfriend then!

Me: You WERE a boy then!

Jason: Hmph.

Me: Also? I didn't think about it until like two weeks ago! God!

He is so particular!


Angie said...

You are a riot.

Anonymous said...

And you are SOOO funny!

Moe said...

Men in their particulars! LOL

Gerbil said...

I hurt myself on that one. Snorted black cherry soda out my nose, and let me tell you what, that burns worse than Dr Pepper. I should know better than to be drinking anything when reading your posts, srsly.

M said...

You be brilliant my friend. Brill.i.ant.

Anonymous said...


Captain Steve said...


SJ said...

Too funny!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Girlfriend, you crack my shit up. :)

EE said...

This needs to be a seinfeld episode!