Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm so tired tonight. The Race for the Cure was this morning and it kicked my considerable arse.

So go read this guest post I did at Who's Your Dachshund!

Oh and to the person who found my blog by searching for, "What is Jason the God of?" let me just tell you. Very little.



Jenny said...


You crack me up. Seriously.

BS said...

You may be tired ...But, wasn't it worth it ?? Congrats on being a part of the Race for the Cure. Someday, maybe you can come to DC and be a part of the National Race - it's awesome and so inspiring.

SJINCO said...

Good job on your participation in the Race For the Cure. What a great thing to be a part of!

And don't you just love your searches? I do, even though mine aren't as funny as yours....

Angie said...

Jason is the god of your universe. . . right? Come on, right?

He's not?


Anonymous said...

Good job on the Race for the Cure, you are the WOMAN!!!

And Ginger is adorable. Amazing how often we have an idea of what we want and get a completely different dog!!

PaintedPromise said...

loved your guest post!